1010 Angel Number


Angel numbers are among one of the many cues that the celestial beings use to communicate with us. Other signs are such as finding shiny coins or pennies in rare places, seeing the rainbow and different cloud shapes and so much more!

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You could also find large feathers in the rarest of places; the above signs are what you should be watching out for and if you notice that they are repetitive then you know that your guardian angels are reaching out to you.

Many people, however, don’t relate with the angel signs and choose to completely ignore them, but what they don’t know is that the angels don’t have the power to interfere with the events of their lives without their permission, as they are bound by laws.

And that is also the reason why they reach out to you first and offer a helping hand by giving cues. If you decide to accept their help by determining the meaning behind the angel numbers then they will guide you through visions, dreams, and intuition.

Meaning Of Angel Number 1010

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Angel number 1010 is one of the cues that angels send, which denotes hope, virtue, and guidance. However, you might notice that people interpret the angel numbers differently, but if you look keenly you will realize that their meanings are never that far apart.

Angel number 1010 is a combination and repetition of two numbers 1 and 0, the latter is very powerful as it concerns the heavenly realm and sends a message of darkness.

We will therefore, break down the meaning of angel number 1010 but with reference to the bible. Number 1 in the bible is symbolic of the book of genesis, which denotes the beginning; this is a time that God blessed the earth and provided for it sufficiently. The number 1, therefore, has been used to remind human beings that sufficiency can only be found in God.

The number 0, on the other hand, doesn’t appear anywhere in the bible, but we all know that it precedes 1, which denotes a period of darkness when nothing had been created and nothing was happening.  When applied in real life it shows that a person is living in oblivion and needs to find their way back to God.

Reasons Why You’re Seeing Angel Number 1010

From the above, it is possible to determine what a person is going through in their lives and why the number is being revealed to them. Angel numbers are divine, they are coded messages that need an extra sense to be able to disern what they mean.

When you constantly see angel number 1010, then you know that the heavens have heard your prayer requests and they want to respond.

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Now the 1010 cues are to prepare you to receive your blessing, but if you choose to ignore them, then you are going to miss out on the opportunity to transform your life for the better.

Whenever you see an angel number you know that it is time to fold your tent and get out of your comfort zone. Important to note that each one of us has their destined path and mission on earth, and it is vital to fulfill that mission while we are still alive.

What Could Angel Number 1010 Mean For You?

Despite having divine implications, angel number 1010 does have different meanings and applications and that is why when you see the number it’s important to examine your life and see which area you’re being asked to work on.

1. Go Down On Your Knees And Pray

go down on your knees and pray
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If you constantly see 10:10 in certain period of your life, then you know that the heavens are reaching out to you. It is at this time that you need to go down on your knees and pray fervently, it could be something that you want and the heavens are ready to grant your wish, but you first have to request for it.

Angel number 1010 is a sign that God is asking you to rely on his power, as he is the provider and you should also, thank him for his grace and blessings upon your life.

The angel number could also be an indication that the prayer requests that you have been sending are about to be answered and you should prepare to receive them, by remaining faithful and pray without ceasing.

2. You Are Self-Reliant

Individuals who interact with angel number 1010 are not easy to convince. They might agree with you initially on an issue but will later carry out their own research to get the facts right.

They don’t love crowds and are not impressed by the worldly things. Fame is not on their menu like many people would want and they don’t mind taking their own route to find the purpose of their lives.

These types of people love to acquire knowledge and would, therefore, spend most of their time learning the meanings of numbers, words, and symbols.

Therefore, if you have the characteristics described above and you are being stalked by angel number 1010, then the heavens are impressed with your progress and would like you to keep on.

The subtle message under this circumstance is that it is not worth your time to do things to please everyone, or to try fitting in the crowd, rather continue in the journey of acquiring new knowledge and discovering yourself.

3. God Has Your Best Interests At Heart

best interests at heart
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Many people tend to give up when God doesn’t reveal himself to them after undertaking a long spiritual journey and that is why we have angel number 1010.

While other people might experience God directly, it does not mean that he doesn’t recognize your effort. By seeing angel number 1010, you should know that he is closer to you than you think.

Angel Number 1010 informs you that God is watching over you and you should not backslide on your faithfulness to him even if he is silent. And even in adversity don’t lose your trust in him, but rather be at peace with your soul.

The message in this angel number is that God has good plans for your future. If you’re currently working on things and you don’t currently see the fruits of your labout, don’t worry because better things are coming.

 4. The Beginning Of Something New And The End Of Bad Things

Whenever our comfort zone is shaken up we tend to become very afraid and worried of the unknown. Angel number 1010, has two digits one that represents the beginning of new things like in the book of genesis and 0 which relates to oblivion or nothingness.

You might have been living in oblivion, where there wasn’t much activity, where your life had stagnated and you had unknowingly gotten used to living in that small bubble. Angel number 1010 is being revealed to you to signify a new beginning. You’re being urged to get out of your comfort zone and venture into the new open doors filled with progressive opportunities.

Most people don’t love change and don’t know what to expect from the other side. Your guarding angel is here to reassure you that all is well and that you should have faith as you venture into the unknown, stay positive and be keen to learn new things as you move forward.

5. Personal Development

Personal development
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As we had stated earlier angel number 1010 signifies a spiritual awakening from dormancy to progress and this, therefore, means that it is time for you to trust in yourself and the ability to create new realities. And for you to benefit from your new direction, it is important that you keep your mind and heart open for new things.

By opening your heart, you are accepting messages from the Holy Spirit, and this comes to you through the guardian angels via visions, dreams, and intuition. And by opening your mind, you are giving way to new knowledge that is bound to transform your life.  The simple message in angel number 1010 is that you should open up to the universe and your life will be magically transformed.

However, if you choose to remain in oblivion as represented by the number 0 then you have yourself to blame, but if you choose to let the universe in then you have yourself to thank. Don’t blame anybody because all the power is in your hands.


The best thing you can do once if you start seeing angel signs is to have gratitude, you stand to gain more guidance and can even ask for clarification when you appreciate and love your angel signs. Don’t be too curious but rather be patient and master the different angel signs to know when your messages are being delivered.

Angel number 1010 comes to give us a message of hope and guidance to make the most out of our life. Remember, that angels will only respond to the requests that relate to your mission, and anything out of that will probably be met with silence. However, always trust that your guardian angel is with you because he or she was assigned to you during birth.

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