1212 Angel Number

According to the book of Psalm 91:11 it does read “That the lord will command his angels about you to guard you in all your ways,” and yet we lose hope and trust in God. The nature of angels is different from that of human beings, for us, the spirit lives in the flesh and that is why when mortals die the flesh is taken back to earth and the spirit departs to the spiritual realm.

And for the angels they are the spirits, they don’t have flesh to hold your hand when you have lost track of your destined path and are, therefore, not fulfilling your life’s purpose.

But they do guide us in subtle ways that takes some knowledge to notice. God helps man in numerous ways, he either uses human beings or the angels, he could use another person to help you earn money, or to provide you with food or shelter .

But when he uses angels then you know that your life’s mission on earth has to be fulfilled. Angels, therefore, reach out to us via the angel numbers such as the angel number 1212.

And to know that a message is being delivered then you will see this number more than twice, and the angels will not stop revealing it to you until you get the message and implement on it.

The meaning of angel number 1212

message is powerful

Angel numbers are spiritual numbers with divine messages, so when you see a spiritual number being made relevant to you then you know that the message is powerful. So before we look at the meanings of angel number 1212 let us first understand what each individual number represents. The symbolism of angel number 1 in the bible is pronounced because it comes from the first book (Genesis).

The number 1 seeks to bring back your attention to God, and this we can relate from the first commandment that says, “You shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart and, with all your soul, and with all your mind. It is the first and the greatest commandment of the ten. So if your angel number starts with one, you need to do some soul searching and retrace your steps back to God.

We then have Angel number 2 that is all about unity. The good are united by removing the bad, check on what we are taught about the second coming of Christ that his faithful followers will be united with him in heaven, also the New International Version Bible states that a man shall leave his parents and be united to his wife and shall become one flesh.

Reasons why you are seeing angel number 1212

faith and relationships.

Therefore, angel number 1212 comes to guide us on our troubled journey of faith and relationships. When this number starts stalking you then you have to take a deep look at your surroundings, are you having strained relationships with your family members, friends or even your spouse, does it seem hard to come to a mutual understanding, then your help has arrived and if you can listen to your intuition, vision, and dreams then things will work out for the best.

Angel number 1212 has other meanings as we shall see below, and though divine the messages aligned with this angel number come to affect our real-life situations and as we have discovered at the beginning of this article God sends angels to guide us in all our ways and ensure that we fulfill our life mission on earth, and the only thing left for us to do is to learn the various angel signs and acknowledge the help that is being given to us.

Various meanings of angel number 1212

1212- Angel number- be mindful of your inner circle

angel number 1212

By showing people the real you then you get to attract the right group of friends who know your nature, what you like and don’t like, therefore, instances of being hurt are less likely to happen.

But the problem with individuals who operate under this number is that they keep a small circle of friends and are very careful about who they reveal their true personality to.

Making friends is an uphill task and they will, therefore; hold people at an arm’s length before they are fully able to trust them.

Angel number 1212 is being revealed to you, to urge you to let go of your insecurities, you don’t have to pretend to be who you are not, just be yourself and the world will adjust.

The fact that you are open to new friendships is a good sign but you struggle with letting people in, your guardian angels are however asking you to be more open and to expand your circle of friends.

Free Numerology ReadingAngel number 1212 Love is on the way

Apart from having a child, falling in love is another good feeling that cannot be described with words and is absolutely priceless. When you start seeing angel number 1212 and have been searching for love then you can rest easy because soon the love of your life will be revealed to you. However, there is no telling where it will come from, as it could be from someone in your past.

Also, it could be either your workmate or your neighbor who has a crush on you. Most importantly is that you could see the angel number right after a flame from the past is reignited. It could be someone that you were in love with from your previous relationships and when they reappear, you realize that you really never got over them.

And by seeing angel number 1212 it means that if the love is reignited the things will surely work out this time. When we are young we fall in love quickly and are not mature enough to build on it and make it last, falling in love is easy but staying in love is where people experience difficulties. But after years of trying and failing, you get to learn a lot of things and now when love comes, you are ready to make it blossom.

1212-Angel number- You will get spiritual fulfillment

spiritual fulfillment

If you have never experienced spiritual fulfillment then this is your time and the angels are more than happy to announce to you this message using angel number 1212. How would you feel if someone told you that God has heard your cry and is working on it, that alone is bound to turn your life and make it better?

Such messages are normally delivered bySbut when it comes from your guardian angel then you know that it is divinely high level. If you have been praying for spiritual gifts and no answer has been forthcoming, angel number 1212 is thus revealed to urge you to continue being faithful and prayerful and that God has heard your prayer request. The spiritual gifts will, therefore, be revealed to you in due time and by praying fervently you are creating the right atmosphere for their existence.

People under this angel number tend to lose hope and faith in God when their prayers don’t get answered, but once you see the angel number 1212 then it means that you should not turn your back on God even when he is silent, all you need to do is remain patient as he works on delivering your hearts desires.

1212- Angel number-your guardian angel is here at your beck and call

1212 Angel Number

You have already been promised help but what you don’t know is that your guardian angels are at your beck and call ready to guide you whenever you feel lost. Individuals who keep seeing angel number 1212 are being reminded that they can always reach out to their guardian angels when they need their help.

The angels will be very instrumental in helping you stay positive and in the process attract positive energies going forward. And for you to be able to notice the possibilities that are being unfolded to your advantage, you must learn of the various cues, such as seeing shiny coins and pennies, and the presence of a large feather in the rarest of places among other things.

Remember that the more you invest your trust in what you want to achieve and remain positive, the more these things will come into fruition. The subtle message in the angel number is that good things attracts good things, so you should, therefore, remain positive and think of what you want. The reason for the above is because the universe does operate with energies.

And when you constantly have positive thoughts the universe also tends to attract positive things in your life. And as you engage the positive energy remember that you also have to put in the work for your dreams to come into realization.


The most high God has promised you help and guide through the angels, but they are not going to do everything for you, make an effort to learn the signs, take a personal initiative to invite friends into your inner circle, be open to new love and relationships. Also don’t lose your faith in God just because he has not answered your prayers, stay strong in faith and always ask your guardian angels for help whenever you feel lost.

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