666 Angel Number

The number 666 has been famous for all the wrong reasons and no one wants to associate with it. For the past 2000 years, there has been so much controversy regarding the number 666 among historians and within the church circles.

However, for Christians, they have already made a decision that 666 is the number of the antichrist, and so reversing that mentality is going to take a whole lot of spiritual knowledge and convincing.

But then again when we look at numerology and how angel numbers are defined it tends to go against the common belief that 666 is an evil number. According to numerology, each number is believed to carry a specific vibrational meaning, and angel number 6 radiates empathy and responsibility.

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People who are influenced by this number are more inclined to serve others; they are protective, selfless and love peace.

However, according to Revelations 666 it is the number of a man and people of insight are asked to calculate and find its meaning. In the above excerpt, the number 666 has been used as a code, if you carefully read the text in Revelations, people are being asked to calculate or rather to solve, the number of the beast.

And given the number of philosophers that have gone before us, the number was translated to mean Neron Kesar which is the Hebrew spelling of Neron Cesar.

The individual mentioned above was a ruthless and repressive ruler; however, the controversial point within the bible is that the number 666 has other occurrences in the same bible that people have conveniently turned a blind eye on.

For example, in the book of 1st Kings 10: 14, we are told that 666 is the weight of the gold that Solomon received every year. And in the book of Ezra 2:13, 666 represents the number of Adonikam’s descendants, who had been exiled in Babylon and later returned to Judah and Jerusalem.

So given the various use of the number 666, it would be unfair to only equate it with evil when it was also used to refer to other good things within the same bible.

Reasons why you are seeing angel number 666


As we have seen above there is no reason for getting chills anytime you see angel number 666. And another thing that people refuse to understand is that our guardian angels can never send anything to us that will harm us.

They cannot interfere with our lives but can only offer help; if you accept then they will help guide you through your life’s purpose or your destination.

Remember that you must first accept their help, so the major reason why you have been constantly seeing angel number 666 is that the heavens have noticed your hard work via the humanitarian efforts and are urging to take a rest and find other things to do that will make you happy.

Helping others is not bad but you also have to get fulfilled, because if you are always seeking to give everyone a part of yourself it tends to drain your very being.

The angels, therefore, want you to find and do something interesting in the specific moments that you are not saving the world. However, be careful not to fall under the influence of bad company and do not be afraid of the number 666.

666 Angel number- trust your intuition

trust your intuition

Guardian angels communicate with human beings via intuition, dreams, and visions. Angel number 666 seeks to implore you to trust your intuition; you must have lost focus and only concentrated on material wealth. And since you need material things to survive in the world, you are being asked to balance the two.

Your greatest fear is loss and lack, and that is why you spend a good chunk on material things of the world and not your spirituality. Your fears are thus sending the wrong vibrations to the universe and that is why you don’t seem to attract the right kind of energy.

You, therefore, need to attract the right energy and unless you emotional and spiritual health are okay, you will keep sending the wrong vibrations and keep attracting the wrong energies.

And as you venture into this journey, the angels are going to help you out, the reason you are being asked to trust your intuition.

666 Angel number – stay positive

stay positive

Angel number 666 comes to beckon individuals to stay positive, if your mind is constantly filled with fear and worries of the physical world then you will rarely make positive progress.

Such a mindset is going to affect your relationships, so as you try to become a better person, give yourself some love, fall in love with yourself and the positive vibrations that you send will attract love into your relationships.

If you find yourself attracting negativity then those are the manifestations of your inner thoughts, so consequently when you change the content of your inner world, you automatically raise your vibration to create anything that you want.

The subtle message in angel number 666 is that the world that you live in is a creation of your thoughts. And by choosing the right positive thoughts then your life takes on a more rewarding and positive path and that is also why you are being urged to be careful with your attitude.

666 Angel number – allow yourself to dream big

666 Angel Number

Angel number 666 also seeks to remind you that you can be more than what you already are given your divine nature. And all you need to do is dare to dream and if by any chance your dreams are related to your service to this world, then you will succeed.

There are moments that you might get discouraged because of the failures and mistakes of your past; instead what you should do is use them as lessons and stepping blocks to get into the future that you are trying to rebuild.

Angel number 666 appears to individuals who have the ability and power to do marvelous things that will transform this world.

But if they let their mistakes define them, then this potential is killed, on the bright side however is that they are also at liberty to transform their lives and the world the best way they know-how, as they are not forced to adhere to a predetermined pattern.

Given your high divine calling, you must remain conscious of your surroundings, your intuition, and dreams because the angels will be guiding you through them and other angel signs. Also be keen to listen and follow your intuition, remember that all you have to do is dream, as you don’t have limits.

666 angel number – Nature is your friend

666 Angel Number

There is no better way to connect with the divine other than spending time with nature, the angel number 666 seeks to realign you to your cause anytime that they notice you are lost or seeking answers.

There are times when we lack peace, because the mind is chaotic, and you keep reflecting on our hidden wounds.

Well, we are being implored by sour guardian angel to release our mind from the toxic thoughts and vibrations, and the best way to do this is through a morning therapy session.

Get up early in the morning and take a walk through the park, when the air is fresh and it’s all calm and chilly, reflect on your actions and find the best possible remedy. The above process will heal your mind and soul and make you ready to productively conquer the world.

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Nature has a way of relating to our inner thoughts and desires and that is why you see many people meditating in the park or near rivers. During this time they can focus on their troubles and in the process develop various avenues of dealing with what is bugging them.

At times it becomes hard to come up with a solution to our problems by sitting in a common or familiar location, but if you get up and go somewhere quiet and with a different setting then your mind tends to think more clearly and comes up with new ideas to help you with your tribulations.

People being stalked by angel number 666 don’t know what they posses mostly because they dwell on the fear that the number is associated with evil thus try as much as they can to avoid it.

If you are such type of a person then your guardian angel wants to let you know that you have a high intellect and hidden creativity and imagination that when put to good use will change your life for the better.


There is so much misconception about angel number 666, according to numerology every number contains different vibrations and 6 is no different. The fact that it has been arranged in triple does not necessarily denote evil as it has been made to seem for 2000 years now.

The number 666 has been used more than once in the bible to denote good but why is mankind so inclined to believe the negative side of it.

Maybe because people have given the evil aspect so much power that other people are forced to helplessly follow the same route.

Angel number 666 is divine and comes to implore people to align with their divine purpose, follow their intuition and dreams to make their lives and the world a better place.

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