900 Angel Number


Sometimes it’s so difficult to smile and pretend that everything is okay when you have had experiences that have seriously altered your life and taken you a couple of steps back. Well, that is angel number 900 for you, the ability to shine in the darkest of times.

Whenever we go down on our knees to pray we have so much faith that our prayers will be answered sooner and if not, then later when the time is right. But have you ever thought that what you are praying for might have nothing to do with your life’s purpose here on earth? Keep in mind also that whether you believe in the existence of angels or not has got nothing to do with your religion.

The same way you believe in good and evil is the same way you believe in the existence of good and bad spirits. Guardian angels help everyone, but human beings are so pre-occupied to notice when their help has arrived. The act of requesting for help from higher powers is proof of your belief in angels and by that channel is where we get redemption. If you decide to tap into the spiritual realm for help then expect help and guidance in the same manner.

The meaning of angel number 900

Have you ever given thought in learning of the signs to expect when your prayer requests are being answered? For example, when you keep seeing angel number 900 everywhere you go, do you take it as a normal occurrence or does your subconscious encourage you to investigate.

The moment you encounter angel number 900 repetitively then you need to know that it is not a normal occurrence and it is high time that you seriously go back to your life’s mission here on earth so that you can live accordingly. Guardian angels appear to us on the hour of need, when you have lost all grip and are on the verge of giving up.

Angel number 900 is a blend of two energies, 9 and 0. Each of which are very powerful and can influence your life in a positive way if you only decide to follow it through, the number 0 represents the universal energies and is representative of a continuing cycle or the beginning of something new. The number is especially inclined on developing the spiritual aspects of one’s life, it is complete and represents wholeness.

9 on the other hand, is indicative of conclusions. Therefore, the number 900 is used to symbolize the end of a bad thing or situation and the beginning of something new that is also whole thus fulfilling.

Reasons why you are seeing angel number 900

seeing angel number 900
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Given that angel number 900 has more than one meaning then you will have to examine your life and see how it is relevant. In general, however, is that your guardian angels are in full support of your soul mission and life purpose. And the good thing with angel number 900 is that the angels have full trust and belief in you.

Your personal views, truths, and opinions matter and it is important to go by them when things are not going as they should, or are not aligned with what you believe in, you have the capacity and intelligence to evaluate and take the right route. The simple reason being that no one can decide for you, because only you know what is good and what will work for you and you should, therefore, pay attention to your actions and listen to your intuition.

Angel number 900 seeks to encourage you to take a keen look at your spiritual journey, master the energy to devote yourself to your personal spiritual path. You are being prompted to begin a spiritual practice or a fulfilling heart-based project. Therefore, whatever you decide to do should have your full commitment, passion, and purpose.

The angel number seeks to encourage individuals to hold on, that there is still hope and things are going to work out for the best.

Meanings and applications of angel number 900

900 angel number – spirituality cause

spirituality cause
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People who are influenced by angel number 900 by nature are not materialistic and the reason why they will see this number is to encourage them to take on a worthy cause that otherwise will give them gratification.

You could be less materialistic but not sure of your cause, and that is why we have angel number 900 to remind us of our mission here on earth. Angel number 900 is associated with highly intuitive individuals who are able to make meaning of situations before, they occur. They are very creative and will follow their principles and beliefs to achieving something great.

People influenced by this angel number are very spiritual and one’s that you wouldn’t want to mess around with because Karma will surely hit you. They are genuine and intentional in their mission and with a clean spirit to influence other people’s lives positively.

Individuals operating under angel number 900, normally have a deep vision, when they master their abilities, they are able to see past the face value. They are also very honest, easy to live with, caring optimistic and radiate positive energy.

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900 angel number – love

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Now, this is one of the major tribulations of people who are influenced by angel number 900, they tend to have so much love for humanity and as we all know not everyone is as caring as they are, so they tend to get hurt badly.

And when it comes to the romantic aspect of love, they don’t dwell on the physical or intellectual abilities of a person, all they care about is the love that is being given back to them. They cherish love above any other thing, and they know that where there is love there is progress, there is hope and therefore, seek to establish it everywhere they go.

The sad thing, however, is that since they give out a lot of themselves people mistake it for weakness and thus they end up being lonely. Their service to other people is out of pure love and the thing is that it never gets reciprocated thus they end up lonely.

If you meet one of these kinds of individuals then you can be sure that you will have a peaceful and harmonious life because they will stay loyal to you, are honest and will do everything in their power to nurture the relationship.

900 angel number – hope for humanity

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The mere fact that we have such types of individuals within our midst is a clear indication that we can still get some genuine love from deeply caring individuals who have our best interests at heart. And as we mentioned earlier this type of individual are martyrs they carry the burdens of others but have no one to lean on when they are troubled.

And as such the angel number 900 seeks to give them comfort and encourage them to hold on, they are thus urged never to stop believing in themselves and even though things might not be going their way, still, there is hope and they shall surely overcome and enjoy the good times ahead.

Given that human beings rarely reciprocate the character of the individuals who are influenced by angel number 900, they are also urged to focus more on their spiritual fulfillment and journey. They are a beam of hope for other people and must, therefore; derive their strength from their spiritual life path and purpose.

They are whole and this is depicted by the number 0 and whatever it is that is afflicting their lives will end, and life will continue with so much success aligned to it.

900 angel number – Break the unhealthy habits

unhealthy habits
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Angel number 900 also seeks to clear the path of unhealthy habits and welcome new, healthy and rewarding habits. The problem with individuals being influenced by this number is that they will not make any progress in their lives if they are stuck in an unhealthy situation. You might have been cocooned in a vicious cycle and thus fail to realize its effect in your life.

Angel number 900 is, therefore, a wake-up call to urge you to break the vicious cycle, so that you can also move forward with your life. Remember that we are responsible for our thoughts and the more we entertain them, the more life they get, therefore, thoughts of insecurity, of not being worthy, or independent will surely take a toll on such individuals.

Angel number 900 therefore, helps one identify these kinds of thoughts and with the right knowledge, one is able to get rid of them and be free and independent.


Angel number 900 as we said earlier represents continuity, it offers hope and goes against whatever thought or belief that has kept people hostage. It sort of gives people a new lease of life, it seeks to remind people that the power to design their lives is in their hands and all they have to do is take the necessary action.

And now that you know the purpose of angel number 900 in your life, it is high time that you took a keen look into your life, and determine areas that need change, so that you can move forward.

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