Angel Number For Pregnancy


The concept of pregnancy is as old as the human race. Yet the feeling of the magical nature of new life is never lost. It is experienced with every single one.

The nine months of pregnancy and sometimes the months before conception are a period of high spiritual awareness for many women. During this time they are more alert, perhaps better tuned to hear from their guardian angels.

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This is why many women tell of experiences in which they received messages from the angels. Some dreamed that they were pregnant just before conception. Others have had unexplainable intuition informing them of pregnancy even before it is proven scientifically.

Angel numbers being a common way for angels to communicate with us, there are some angel numbers associated with pregnancy. Just like all other angel numbers, the interpretation largely depends on the circumstances in the individual’s life at the time.

Angel Number 1

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As simple as it may seem, angel number 1 comes with weighty messages from your angels.

It is symbolic of new beginnings. It is associated with a fresh start and taking action towards challenges in areas previously not ventured into. When you encounter angel number 1 repeatedly, it is a sign to keep your eyes open for new starts.

It may be a new job, a new relationship, or even a move to a new house or a new town. The angels are also assuring you that they are watching over you as you take up new things.

Angel number 1 may be encountered by a woman who is about to get pregnant for the first time. She is about to get into the journey of motherhood for the very first time.

As it happens with many first time mothers, a woman may have feelings of fear and inadequacy. She may also experience feelings of fear and dreading of labor. When an expectant mother experiences angel number 1, the angels are assuring her that all will be well in her new journey.

Angel Number 911

Angel Number 911
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If you live in America, the numbers 911 probably bring to mind negative thoughts of terror. When you experience them as angel numbers in your life, they are positive numbers of encouragement. They are nudgings from the angels telling you to expect some changes in your life soon.

To get a better understanding of this combination of numbers, let’s look at it based on the individual numbers.

Angel number 9 signifies an ending is near. A certain phase in your life is about to come to an end and these don’t necessarily have to be negative. It could be the end of a job to make way for a better one.

It could be the end of a relationship that was unhealthy so bringing it to a close is a positive development for you. Angel number 1 signifies new beginnings. It is a masculine number associated with strength, high energy, and action towards a specific goal.

When you experience this number, it’s a sign that you will be starting something new in your life which will require you to expend high levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy but promises great rewards.

Interestingly, the two numbers put together (9 and 1) could easily be seen as a contradiction.

A start and an end at the same time? However, when we look at it closely, we can tell that the message from the angels is that there is a need for certain aspects of your life to come to an end to pave way for the beginning of other greater things.

Concerning pregnancy, this angel number may appear to you if your current lifestyle would not be supportive of a baby. Perhaps a workaholic career woman who travels a lot. Seeing this angel number with pregnancy is the angels telling her she needs to make changes towards a work-life balance to enable her to be a present mother

This number could also be interpreted as 9 and 11. We already know what 9 signifies, but what does 11 mean?

Angel number 11 is a powerful one. It’s considered a master number and it signifies encouragement and inspiration. It’s a call for you to develop your abilities towards service for people other than yourself.

Angel number 11 is often depicted as a doorway. It carries the energy of spiritual awakening, faith, and most importantly action. You must walk through the doorway to get to the new awakening.

In respect to pregnancy, angel number 11 may appear to a woman to communicate a new life of motherhood. A new, selfless love for another being greater than the love for herself.

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Angel Number 333

Angel Number 333
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Angel number 3 is a symbol of new life and resurrection. In the bible, number 3 is considered a powerful number associated with the emergence and support of life. On the 3rd day of creation, God created plants, grass, seed and fruit. These are the basic elements of food to support human life.

The holy trinity consists of 3 elements (God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). It is also noted that Jesus was crucified and was dead for 3 days before resurrection. 333 is a triple-digit angel number meaning that it carries energies of the single number multiplied by 3.

333 is associated with new life and sustenance of it. In relation to pregnancy, seeing angel number 333 is a message from the angels that a new life is coming soon and an assurance that it shall be sustained by the angels with as much love and care as you have receive.

It is therefore common for a woman to see angel number 333 as a sign from the angels that she will conceive soon. She may also see this angel number when she is already pregnant as a sign that she shall bring forth life.

It is also common for another person to see angel number 333 when in the presence of a woman who has recently had a child. In this case, it is an assurance from the angels that the new life will be sustained and watched over with love.

Angel number 333 is also linked to answered prayers. It is a number used by the angels to tell you that whatever you have been praying for has been done. Your prayers have been answered in the non-physical realm so is only a matter of time before these answers manifest in the physical.

This is why angel number 333 is the best angel number for a woman who has been trying to conceive with no success. It tells her that her prayers have been answered and further confirms it because these numbers are a sign of new life.

Angel number 333 can be reduced to give you 9 (3 + 3+ 3). In the context of pregnancy, angel number 9 is a message from the angels that it is time to put an end to certain aspects of your life to be able to fully embrace the new life which is coming forth.

It is often assumed that angel numbers signifying pregnancy or giving some sort of assurance with a newly born child can only be experienced by women. This is not the case. Angel numbers communicating new life, have been known to appear to fathers as well.

Close male friends and relatives in the presence of women who are about to bring forth life have also been known to experience these numbers as messages to the parents.

Spiritual Pregnancy

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Many discussions and a lot of literature on angel numbers and pregnancy refer to the physical form of pregnancy experienced by a woman. Pregnancy in the sense that a woman has a fetus in her womb and a physical child shall be born in 9 months or less.

There is, however, the concept of spiritual pregnancy. It refers to a time when a person is about to experience a major event in their lives which has a great impact on their life purpose.

When one experiences angel numbers related to pregnancy, it is important to examine the current circumstances in your life to determine if the message relates to a physical or spiritual pregnancy.

Unlike physical pregnancy, spiritual pregnancy can be experienced by women as well as men.


Angel numbers are a common way for your guardian angel to communicate with you. When these numbers come to you before or during pregnancy, it is even more magical.

The angels are talking to you about a new life to come through you!

Angel number 1 is one of the most common angel numbers seen before pregnancy. It tells you that you are about to start a new journey of motherhood. 911 is another combination associated with pregnancy.

It signifies the need for an end to one or more aspects of your life to make way for new ones.

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