Angel Numbers – A Complete Guide For Beginners


The Science of Numerology

Numerology is considered by some to be a divinatory art. It is in fact a science. A science of numbers built on the foundational belief that everything in the universe can be associated with a certain numerical value.

Numerologists believe that every occurrence in the world, past or future is dependent on mystical properties of numbers. All properties can be traced to the number’s inherent vibration. A numerologist is a one who practices, studies or preaches this science.

angel numbers
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Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras is widely credited as the father of numerology. From their studies, he and his followers concluded that we can measure everything in the world and describe it in terms of numbers and proportions.

Pythagoras is also credited for widely taught mathematical concepts such as the Pythagoras theorem and the Pythagoras constant. In music, he put forward the concept of mathematical proportions in musical harmonies.

Angel Numbers 

Angel numbers are the science of numerology meeting spirituality.  These are individual numbers or short sequences of numbers which you keep seeing or which for some reason stand out to you.

For instance over the last couple of days you have been noticing the numbers 555 everywhere. On your way home you happened to glance at the rear view mirror and noticed these numbers on the license plate of the car behind you. When you made a quick run by the store you paid for your supplies and noticed the teller hand you $5.55 in change. When you got home, the minute you glanced at the clock it happened to be 5.55pm.

If this kind of strange coincidences are familiar to you then you have probably experienced a nudging from your guardian angels too. Don’t ignore it. They are called angel numbers because they carry messages from our guardian angels through numbers. All numbers carry specific energies and vibrations which the angels want you to use to interpret their messages.

The truth is that every time you pray or ask your guardian angel for help with a certain challenge in your life, they respond. Angel numbers in one of the languages they use to communicate with you.

Purpose of angel numbers
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Purpose of angel numbers

Your guardian angels could choose numbers to achieve one of 2 goals.

Firstly they could use numbers simply to catch your attention. Just like your friend would say ‘Hey Brad…’ to catch your attention before saying something to you. Angles may also do the same to get you into a space where you are listening to what they say next.

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Similar to catching your attention, the angels may be calling you to tune into a meditative state. This state lifts your vibration and allows them to connect with you to pass on a message. It is comparable to a tuning to a specific radio frequency in order to connect with a specific radio station.

Secondly, angel numbers could be used to assure you that they are still watching over you. You need not worry. This may come when one is going through a difficult life experience.

The kind of experience where people often begin to doubt the presence of a superior being who is watching over them. It could simply be your guardian angels saying ‘Hey, it is difficult but you will get through it. We’ve got your back.’

How Angel Numbers Work –  A Guide to Angel Numbers

We have talked about angel numbers appearing on clocks, license plate numbers, just about anywhere in the course of your everyday life. How does this happen?

Angel numbers work in 2 main ways, the first is gentle nudging from the angels and the other is synchronicities.

Gentle nudge

When you look up at the clock and it is exactly 11.11 then later check your emails and find exactly 11 new messages it is no coincidence. It is actually your guardian angel who gives you a gentle nudge to look up at the clock at that exact moment. Your angel makes you notice the number of new emails when you may not have glanced at it at all.

In some divine way, the universe places these numbers around you and causes you to notice them.

The angels continue bringing a specific number to your attention until you notice the ‘coincidental’ occurrences and seek to find out what they are saying to you.

As long as you don’t find out what the message is, the same number continues to appear. When you do get the message, you start seeing different numbers as the angels move on to assist you in another area of your life.


This word comes from the verb synchronize. It is defined as ‘the act of causing two or more elements to occur at the same time.’

The concept of synchronicities was first introduced by Carl Jung. He was an analytical psychologist who held that events are meaningful coincidences if they happen without any relationship but seem to have some kind of link to each other.

When it comes to angel numbers, aligned synchronicities occur when the angels arrange for you to be driving in front of a car whose license plate has the same numbers you have been seeing all week.

They somehow arranged that the fish you ordered at the restaurant was number 5 on the menu when you have been noticing number 5 everywhere. When you find yourself in a queue you can’t help but notice that you are the fifth person from the front.

Angels do this deliberately and make you notice these details to pass specific messages.

Meaning of Angel Numbers

It is clear then recurring numbers in our lives are no coincidence. They are the angel’s way of sending messages. These numbers are codes. Like all other kinds of codes we have to know how to decode them in order for them to be useful to us. How can we interpret angel numbers? How do we know what the different numbers mean?

Here is a guide on how to interpret single digit angel numbers. Numerology generally works with numbers 1 through 9.

It is important to remember that angel numbers appearing in your life should be interpreted in the context of a current challenge or struggle.

This is how two people experiencing the same angel number at a time can draw very different conclusion. Their challenges are different so the application of wisdom from the same angel number is also completely different.

Angel No.  1:

Angel number 1
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Angel number 1 is linked to new beginnings, positivity and confidence. If you keep seeing this number, you are being called to focus on what you want and not on what you dislike or fear.

If you are contemplating a major life change, seeing this number is a nudge to proceed with confidence, to trust yourself and your judgement. Make a deliberate choice to focus on what could work out and not what could go wrong.

It calls for positivity even in uncertainty and a belief on your ability to succeed. The vibrational energies of angel number 1 include ambition, independence and leadership.

 Angel No. 2:

unity, partnership and cooperation.
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Numerology teaches that number 2 is linked to unity, partnership and cooperation. If you are experiencing angel number 2 often, it is a sign from the angels that you need to embrace the joy of working with other people. It could be a call for you to share yourself and your gifts with others or get into a joint project you have been afraid to commit to.

Number 2 is also linked to balance, connection and duality. If you have been having a rocky relationship with someone, number 2 calls you to work on your relationships to pursue balance and healing.

Angel No. 3

Angel number 3
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Angel number 3 is linked to courage in spite of fear and doubt. Seeing angel number 3 repeatedly tells you that the angels want you to let go of something you are holding back. It could be a truth you ought to tell someone or a risky venture you are afraid to get into.

Number 3 calls you to have child-like faith and stay optimistic through the challenge. It further assures you that the angels are watching over you and will continue to be with you even after you take the bold step you are being called to.  The fact that they are urging you to take the risk is an assurance that they are well aware and will have your back.

 Angel No. 4

angel number 4
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Angel number 4 is a solid number. Some consider it to be the most grounded of all angel numbers. It is linked to stability, hard work and foundations. If you keep seeing angel number 4, ask yourself about the stability and foundations of various elements of your life. Are there areas in which you need to build strong and solid foundations? If so, it will take hard work but that is no reason to shy away from them.

In terms of relationships, angel number 4 has often been a sign from the angels telling people that they need to make more time for their spouses and loved ones.

Number 4 is also associated with honesty and integrity. It calls you to ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself and others. Are you being true to your values? You may be about to venture into something which is not entirely clean. There are questions of integrity to be answered. Angel number 4 may be calling you to re-examine your ethical values.

 Angel No. 5

embrace change
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Angel number 5 is all about change. Some people are afraid of changes in their lives so angel number 5 could be calling you to embrace impending changes in your life. Seeing angel number 5 a lot could be a warning message from the angels, telling you a major change is coming your way.

It could be a message encouraging you to take the step to make a change which you are unsure or apprehensive about. It tells you to take the step with courage and grace with the assurance that the angels are still with you. Be brave and adventurous.

If you are stuck in a rut or feeling that your life has stagnated in some way, angel number 5 is probably the best number you could see.

 Angel No.6

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The primary message in angel number 6 is balance. It could apply in a number of ways but the underlying call is for you to pay attention to areas in your life where there is need for balance.

It could be to do with a balance between the material and spiritual. For many people who see angel number 6 repeatedly, it has to do with the ever elusive work life balance. Are you investing too much time and energy into your work at the expense of your family?

Number 6 could also be the angels asking you to slow down and take care of yourself. Quite often, various forms of imbalance in a person’s life come at the expense of self-care. Chances are you have been ignoring yourself and your own needs. Number 6 represents strong maternal instincts. It calls you to slow down and take care of yourself. Take time to rest and don’t forget to focus on nurturing your spirit.

Angel No. 7

Angel No. 7
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Angel number 7 is a strong divine number linked to quiet and stillness. It calls you to rest and if you can, take some time away from the bustle of everyday life to reconnect with your inner self. When you see angel number 7 often it is a sign that the angels are calling you to cultivate a deeper connection with your spirit.

Many people who see angel number 7 say they felt they were being called to a new spiritual awakening. They later learned that the angel number was a call to tune into inner strength, wisdom and intuition to get through a challenge. It tells you to trust yourself and have faith in your own abilities.

 Angel No.8

Angel No.8
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Number 8 is generally accepted as a symbol of infinity. The universally recognized symbol of infinity is the figure 8 on its side. It signifies limitlessness or eternity. It is seen as a representation of constant flow of power and energy and is often related to material wealth and abundance.

As an angel number, 8 is a sign that opportunities and abundance are up ahead, be they material or otherwise. It is a message from the angels that despite challenges along the way, the abundance you have prayed for will indeed come. It’s their way of encouraging you to continue working hard towards your goals.  Number 8 assures you that the angels have given you all the strength you need.

The dark side of angel number 8 is vices which come with abundance, especially material wealth.

Angel No.9

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Angel number 9 sends a message of compassion. It calls on you to empathize with people around you. The angels are asking you to take a closer look at the people around you to find out if there is anyone who needs your help in any way.

It may also be a warning sign that someone close to you or around will need your assistance and it will take a lot of emotional and physical energy to give it. When you see angel number 9 repeatedly it could be a strong sign that someone will need helps soon or that your help is urgently needed somewhere.

The concept of compassion carried by angel number 9 could also be a message relating to yourself. Very often we forget to treat ourselves with compassion. We judge ourselves harshly or neglect our physical and emotional needs; subconsciously put our own wellbeing on the back burner.

Seeing angel number 9 could be the angel’s way of calling your attention to be more compassionate and loving to yourself.

Birthday Angel Numbers

Another more personalized type of angel numbers is birthday numbers. This happens when you keep seeing some or all the numbers of your birthday in the same kind of ‘coincidences’ as you would any other angel number.

If for instance your birthday is 24th September 1989. You may find that you repeatedly see the numbers 249 or 924. 24 represents the date and 9 represents September which is the 9th month of the year. Birthday numbers could appear in any order.

What does it mean when you keep seeing your birthday numbers?

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The reason birthday numbers are considered more special than other angel numbers is because they are unique to an individual. Your birthday is considered time stamp used by the universe to note the moment you came into the world. These are some messages the angels could be trying to get to you when you see your birthday numbers often.

You are valued.

Your birthday numbers are a unique to you. They represent your individuality. When you see them it is a reminder from the angels that you are loved and protected. They want you to know that the unique, divine light expressed through your individuality is of great value.

You are a unique being like no other.

birthday angel numbers
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Seeing numbers which represent the date, month and sometimes year you were born is also a reminder of your uniqueness. There is no other person in the world who is exactly like you.

Perhaps you have been feeling low because your life is not like that of your friend. Maybe you have been trying to achieve financial independence for years but someone you know makes it big after just a few years of work.

Seeing your birthday numbers when you are grappling with these kinds of thoughts redirects your focus to your individuality. It reminds you that we all have different paths. Don’t try to make another person’s route to success your own. Don’t feel bad because your life is different.

Believe in yourself.

When you see your birthday numbers, it could also be that your angels are asking you to believe in your unique strengths and abilities. If you are in a place in your life where you need to make major decisions but don’t trust that you will make the right ones, trust in your judgement and wisdom. The angels are assuring you that you have everything you need to forge forward.

What If You Stop Seeing Angel Numbers?

You have been seeing angel numbers every so often and they have helped to give you guidance on many difficult areas of your life. Now all of a sudden it has been months and you haven’t seen any angel numbers. Should you be worried? Why have your guardian angels gone quiet? Have they abandoned you?

These are common question asked by people fearing that they might have done something wrong to anger their guardian angels. Well, there really is no reason to worry when you stop seeing angel numbers. There are many methods angels could use to communicate with you, to guide you. Angel numbers are just one of them. Other angel signs include:

  • Sightings of white feathers, rainbows or patterns in clouds
  • Finding coins
  • Flashes of light
  • Large groups of dragon flies and butterflies.
  • Dreams and premonitions

If you are no longer seeing angel numbers, it probably means your guardian angels have chosen to use other angel signs. The best thing you could do is open your eyes and your spirit for other forms of communication.

Final Word

We all have guardian angels watching over us. Some people go through their entire lives never learning to hear or recognize messages from their angels. Angel numbers are one of many angel signs used by our guardian angels to communicate with us.

When you see recurring numbers in your daily life, don’t dismiss it as a coincidence. Take time to find out what the angels are saying to you. You will find that they are giving you important information which will help you through challenging times of your life.

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