10 Best Astrology Apps


Mercury retrograde, celestial bodies in the skies capable of foretelling events in our lives, career trajectories, or romantic prospects (the jury’s still out on this one), the influence of the full moon on your future; these are just some of the astrology-related beliefs, and if you are an astrology enthusiast, you will be happy to know that you can finally stay up to date with all matter astrology and horoscope with astrology entering the new age of smartphones.

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This also means that you will finally learn why and how you express love, why you’ve dated the people you’ve dated, and how they might help you reveal your deepest, darkest thoughts and fears. Whether you are often preoccupied with thoughts of death, fears or doubts.

Obviously, the first time the app reveals some of these things, you will be spooked, and you might want to uninstall the app, but the truth is that these apps are regrettable accurate.

There’s a catch though: keeping up with the movements and the constant shifts in the astrological realm can be quite a handful for anyone, and regardless of your faithfulness to the cause, trying to catch up with all the shifts and movements affecting your horoscope can be an endless game of catch up, which is why we recommend having access to the fingertips by use of the best astrology app.

Thankfully, you are not the only one interested in finding out about the Mercury Retrograde of their horoscopes, and the rest of the guys who share in your beliefs, or at least the ones who understand how much the astrological world and horoscopes mean to you have come up with excellent astrology apps.

These apps range from the ultra-informative apps that could turn anyone new to astrology into an expert, to the simpler apps that deliver daily horoscopes.

Thanks to these apps, the world of astrology will be less overwhelming, and with millions of moons along with rising, signs plus Mercury that seems to be in retrograde all the damn time, accessing the realm of astrology through these apps could be the best thing to ever happen to you.

According to the creator of Sanctuary (one of the apps), astrology is a pretty neat way of looking up your story, with your chart a representation of parts of your life’s journey or who you really are, astrology could be the one thing that helps you learn more about yourself and why some things keep happening. For example, you are extra-sensitive because you a Pisces and are regarded as the worst character because you are a Gemini.

So, which are the best astrology apps?


best astrology apps
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It is believed that astrology creates the level of connection we desire, a connection that connects the earth and the sky. While most of us have lost this connection, there are believers in this connection, and you could feel it too with the Co-Star astrology app.

Co-Star refers to an AI-driven app that used an unsurmountable amount of data to create astrological charts that are based on exact data. Co-Star mines data right off NASA, and this data is used to track the position of the planets, which is why this app offers the crazy accurate horoscopes.

If you are interested in creating your astrological chart, you’d need to input important information into the app, for example, your place of birth, exact time of birth, and your date of birth. Co-Star makes use of daily horoscopes, and with the information from the horoscopes, it makes it easy and possible for you to compare your astrology chart with those of your friends.

This app is quite easy to use, thanks to its sleek design, and the coolest bit is that the forecasts of the app are disturbingly accurate. The interesting bit is that this app has a cult-like following, and it now has 5.3million users, and the numbers keep growing.

You might also like this app if you are looking for help understanding and detecting some of your bad tendencies.

Remember that you don’t read Co-Star, you need, Co-Star reads you. And the result of this intuitiveness is an app that knows you better than your best friend. Co-Star features graphite sketches Richard Serra-ish and Cacti structures, and by using the planetary placement data from Nasa, you will always find detailed charts with all the answers you have been looking for, as well as information you didn’t think you needed to know.

You might also like its social components and the fact that it tells you what your friends are served.


10 Best Astrology Apps
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Wondering what people mean when they go on and on about the Moon, Sun, and Rising, this app would be exactly what you need. TimePassages is the ideal entry-level astrology app, and you may like to use it if you are interested in learning the meaning of your Rising Sign, Moon, and Sun.

TimePassages could also be the right app for you if you are trying to find out whether someone is compatible with you or not, and if there is a potential for love between you. This app comes with in-app purchases, but it’s free to use.

Daily Horoscope

daily horoscope
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As the name suggests, the Daily Horoscope does exactly what the name says it does, and a little more.

On top of the accurate daily horoscopes, the Daily Horoscope also offers weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope forecasts.

In addition to the forecasts, this app also comes with a personality guide for every astrology sign, as well as a comprehensive guide to the compatibilities between the signs. You might also like the Yearly Outlook provided for the Druid and the Chinese Horoscopes.

Besides all the functions offered, you might also like The Daily Horoscope because of its easy-to-use interface, as well as the easy personalization of how the app looks.

You can change its home screen, allowing it to display the best elements of the apps with ease. Also, you get to set a reminder, which means that if you absolutely have to see your day’s outlook before leaving the house, you can do that easily.

Astrology Zone

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Developed by Susan Miller, how is by all strides the Queen of Astrology, Astrology Zone offers lengthy monthly horoscopes. Although these horoscopes are often late, the media and fashion world loves her, and she’s even had a beauty collabo as a result.

Essentially, this app would be a good option for you if your beauty and fashion sense matters to you and if you will not let anyone touch your hair, for example, until you have the go-ahead from Venus.

Astrology Zone also offers daily horoscopes, links to her tweets, a primer on astrology, as well as listings of her appearances. Though the app is free, choosing to pay for it gives you more detailed daily horoscopes.


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With weekly, monthly, and of course, daily horoscopes, these apps could be the perfect fit for you, especially if you are looking for readings for your personality, or even a few words on the behavior of each sign around love.

Thanks to the feature that looks at different styles and their corresponding behaviors, you can easily tell if the person you are interested in would ever feel the same way about you or not.

You could, therefore, think of this app as the savvy astrological sister you never had. AstroStyle was created by the AstroTwins. The AstroTwins are really big in astrology, and if you tun to Refinery29 or Elle for information about horoscopes, you will come across something about the AstroTwins.

So, if you are looking for the latest readings on your horoscopes what the stars have in store for you, AstroStyle could be exactly what you need.


astrology app
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Do you find yourself wishing you’d receive a sign before you make a certain purchase, send a text, go for an interview, or basically before you do or commit to doing anything whose results could go either direction?

Do you often ask yourself the question Is Mercury in Retrograde more times than you can count? Perhaps an app that actually gives you a specific answer is what you need.

The truth is that a lot could go wrong, but knowing what would happen ahead of time saves you a great deal of time and energy.

Take, for example, a positive answer to your Mercury Retrograde answer – if there is an actual Mercury Retrograde, then you expect muddling of your communication, your computer crashing, a contract canceled, missing your bus, getting fired, and a host of other nasty possibilities.

You could, however, avoid such negative encounters by consulting an all-in-one astrology app that will always remind you when Mercury is actually in retrograde. The app also gives you access to an accurate calendar that will inform you when the next Mercury retrograde will wreak havoc on everything good in your life.

Remember that Mercury Retrograde is an event that sends and wreaks havoc in your life because when Mercury is in retrograde, communication, technology, travel, logic, as well as information are all disrupted.

As a result of the disruption, there is an epic slowdown of these things, schedules are thrown off, we lose things, projects stall, things break for no reason, breakups happen, and there is such much disorder that you want to disappear from your life until things settle back down.

Note, however, that in the actual sense of the word, Mercury Retrograde has nothing to do with a reversed orbiting of Mercury, but is more of an optical illusion where the planet appears to be moving in the forward direction only, as seen from our viewpoint from Earth.

The Pattern

astrology app
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Launched in 2017, the popularity of this app has mysteriously skyrocketed over the past two years. Its popularity is believed to do with the detailed data analysis that’s provided by the app. The Pattern is yet another app that will not sugarcoat anything regarding horoscopes, alignment of the stars, and astrology in general.

In addition to the accuracy and the details of the data, The Pattern’s biggest appeal is that this app doesn’t dwell into explanations of the readings it gives. Rather than detailed or even simple explanations of the readings it gives, this app gives explanations of trines, and you will receive an alert telling you what you should expect.

The Pattern is able to provide accurate data because the app makes use of all your data, data that you provide when signing up. These details include your gender, place of birth, date and tome or birth, name, etc. The app uses simple lingo about the sun rising and all other astrology-related matters, meaning that you will not struggle to understand what it all means.

The Pattern also features a section called Your Timing which will break down different cycles of your life, based on things like the current astronomical positioning you are at, in the solar system. No Mercury Retrogrades, though. You can add friends to the app too.

So, if you are looking for an app that gives you the most detailed astrological data, The Pattern could be it for you.


One of the newer astrology apps, Sanctuary, was launched in 2019, and it boasts one of the best aesthetics features.

Sanctuary gives details of your rising sun, along with the details of the daily sun. There is also a Power Emoji, which makes it easy for you to explore different planets. You could also book a one-on-one reading with a top astrologer.

Note that Sanctuary is the only astrology app that offers the most engaging option in the form of live consultations with an actual astrologer, and the best part is that this astrologer is available all day and night, 24/7/365. But you have to pay for these services though.

This app also presents a different approach/ theory about phone astrology, and it offers in-depth guidance into your astrological world.

Sanctuary’s team included top-vetted astrologers, and the team is led by Aliza Kelly, the chief astrologer.

Time Nomad

planetary movements
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If you are looking for an app that will help you keep track of different planetary movements, as you take a deep dive into your birth chart, while also gaining access into daily horoscopes, Time Nomad could be the right app for you.

Thanks to this app, you will know more about what to expect from the day, things, and people you might want to avoid, and you will also receive insights into retrogrades and other sources of disruptions.

Time Nomad also makes an excellent app for experienced astrologers, as it provides real-time insights into the actual movements of planets, asteroids, and moons, and you can track them. Along with the information from the daily charts, you will learn so much more about horoscopes and their influence on your personality. If you are a beginner, you will benefit from the weekly lessons on astrology.

Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

astrology app
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If you are tired of the less-insightful details from the Western forms of astrology, you might want to explore the world of Vedic astrology, thanks to this app.

This app offers comprehensive details about Vedic astrology, and with no time, this app will turn you into one of the most knowledgeable astrologers on the market.

To get started, enter your birth information, including the time, date, and place of birth. You will also be required to provide your career details, love life, as well as anything else of significance to you.

All the questions you pose will be answered by an experienced Vedic or Indian Astrologer.

Vedic Astrology, also called Jyotish, represents Indian/ Hindu astrology, and it’s based on the belief that people are influenced by planets and all other heavenly bodies.

It dates back to 5000 – 7000 years, and unlike Western astrology, it makes use of the Moon Sign as the primary basis of all the predictions it makes, and the Moon Sign makes use of the place, date, and time to enhance the precision of results.

Bonus App: Astrology Daily Horoscope

Besides one of the most intuitive and easy to use astrology apps, this horoscope app gives you daily insights into horoscopes, and the best part is that these horoscope details come accompanied with fun and colorful images.

In addition to the daily horoscope, you will also receive insights into your daily mood, lucky color, lucky number, and your luckiest time of the day. The app will also introduce you to the deeper world of astrology, where you will learn about your signs, the symbols, the planet, and its elements. You also get to share the details of the horoscope with your friend


The jury is still out about whether astrology is to be believed or not, but even with non-believers out there, more and more people now believe in astrology. If you’d like help explaining some of the phenomena around your life, your habits, your bad influences, suffering, etc. the apps above will go a long way in giving you the important insights you seek. These apps are accessible on Android and iOS devices; some are more detailed than others, and you’d have to pay something to access more features in most of the apps.

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