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As we all know, this world can be a tricky place. There are times when one can feel as if the major aspects of their life are plates that just continue to spin. We are all trying to juggle aspects between our career, our family, friends and even our love life.

Each and every one of the people we meet are really just trying to do their best to keep all of these factors in motion.

A ton of people have succeeded in maintaining this momentum and this is primarily based on discipline as well as hard work. However, some people have succeeded purely through good luck. This is probably why over the years astrology has become more and more popular.

Everyone is simply trying to get an explanation as to why certain events and factors are prevalent in their lives. Zodiac signs and all the science behind it have continued to provide in-depth explanations, giving people the comfort, they need to carry on.

If you are an astrology enthusiast currently looking for more information beyond the sign of your sun, it is advisable that you invest in your interest and take it seriously.

While studying on the stars, the sun, and all the science that allows it to connect with our lives, you will realize that there are some astrology books that are actually quite dense and so boring.

For an interesting and in-depth topic like astrology, everybody requires the right materials that will make unraveling the inner workings of astrology so much fun.

For years, different astrologers have invested time in carefully analyzing and interpreting all the data and information for students and clients who have not had any prior knowledge or experience. That is why it is advisable to purchase astrology books that have been written by astrologers and other professional experts.

These readings are quite intensive, easy to read and very interesting helping you easily comprehend everything that you can about astrology. Whether you are new to astrology and everything around it, or you are an expert in reading zodiac signs and interpreting everything about them, this review has listed everything that you need to know about the best books in the market.

What is Astrology?  

What is Astrology? 
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Before we list down the most ideal astrology books for all the enthusiasts, and those looking to widen their understanding, let us take some time to understand the basics of astrology. This will give you a detailed understanding of what you are supposed to learn.

Astrology is defined as the divine science that educates on the position and motion of astronomical bodies this includes the planets, stars, and asteroids. This study is conducted in an attempt to comprehend their effect on the earth and our life as we know it.

From what the science teaches, we are all aware that astronomical bodies are not static. In fact, their position in the solar system varies differently depending on time, and their point according to the earth.

This explains why when a new life is brought into the earth, astrologists search to find out exactly where certain astronomical bodies were located at the time. Astrologists also research on their association with different asteroids, stars, and planets as well as what direction the bodies were moving at the time the birth occurred.

If someone has ever come up to you and asked, “What’s your sign?” basically, that is the science that they are referring to. What one is asking is for you to state your sun sign.

That is because scientifically speaking, each planet belongs to either one of the 12 zodiac signs.

The Astrological signs and what each of them means 

Finding out the names of the zodiac signs and unraveling what each star means is the easiest section when it comes to comprehending astrology. The four definitive groups of signs are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Each sign has its own unique way of conveying energy. Each sign is also regarded as a ruler of a specific planet and house.

The bottom line is that each star sign is in control of our actions, however, how every sign manifest depends on a number of other factors such as where the sign is positioned in your chart, planetary features and the existence or absence of stellium.

Zodiac sign and their characteristics

  • Aries – This is defined as the prime fire that is controlled by the planet Mars. The Aries is characterized by having very strong will power. Aries individuals are very impulsive, courageous, full of energy, initiative, and participate in a number of activities.
  • Taurus – The Taurus star is defined as fixed earth and is governed by the planet Mercury. The characteristic of a Taurus individual is that they are pleasure seekers. They are physically gratifying and steadfast in their ways. They also like feeling secure in their relationships and in other areas. When provoked for a period of time, the individual can suddenly become very angry.
  • Gemini– This star is defined as mutable air and is governed by the Mercury Planet. This character can be defined as the mental type. Such an individual can be a very good communicator and quite witty. The individual is also very flexible and enjoys learning new things. Such a character can hardly settle down.
  • Cancer – Cancer is defined as prime water and is controlled by the moon. Such an individual has a very emotional character and is also very stubborn. They often find comfort in safe and close relationships that they build with others. The cancer is also very family-oriented.
  • Leo – The Leo is also defined as a fixed fire and is governed by the sun. Such an individual can be described as a glamorous person, who is quite organized and is often the center of attention. Not to forget that these characters are also quite generous while taking over the lion’s part.
  • Virgo – Also referred to as mutable earth and is governed by the Mercury planet. Individuals of the Virgo star are known to be straightforward with an ever-evolving character. They are critical thinkers and do what is necessary.
  • Libra – Libra is known as the cardinal air and is ruled by Venus planet. Libra’s have a very tactful characteristic and like to achieve a nice balance and harmony. in their relationships and everyday life. They exude a real sense of charm and proportion. At times, however, their character drifts between the scales.
  • Scorpio – Scorpio is also referred to as fixed water and is controlled by the planet Pluto. Scorpio’s have a passionate yet corrosive character. They can react differently in extreme situations and often have to deal with a number of fights and quarrels.
  • Sagittarius – Also characterized as a mutable fire and is governed by Jupiter Planet. Sagittarius characters are carefree and free-spirited. They have a passion for movement, they are often happy and their mind always seems to be somewhere else.
  • Capricorn – Also referred to as the prime earth and is governed by the Saturn planet. These characters could be very proud. They are also ambitious and often feel like they have a sense of purpose. Aquarius – Also considered fixed air and is governed by the Uranus planet. The Aquarius character is a great communicator with a universal spirit. Such an individual is a humanitarian by nature and is quite sympathetic to certain issues and events. They are also very progressive; however, you will notice that they can be very stubborn.
  • Pisces – Also considered as mutable water and is ruled by the Neptune planet. These characters are great to socialize with and can easily adapt to different situations and environments. They are also very emotional and compassionate and love to lend a helping hand to those in need.
  • Aquarius- Despite its name, aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac. it is represented by a water bearer who is a mystical healer that estows water and life upon the land. it is the most humanitarian zodiac sign. aquarius is defined by authority, conventionality and radical social change.

The Astrologers Book Shelf 

If you are of the idea that any of the mentioned details are a lot then you are in for quite the surprise. The details above are just the beginning of the astronomical material that you are about to unlock.

1. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene

A New Look
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For a number of centuries, Saturn has continued to receive a bad deal. This all began with the discussion of black vs white and the perspective of good and bad pioneered.

Over the years, however, there are a number of reasons that have been brought about stating why such reasons should be discarded immediately. It goes without saying that the Saturn planet has been defamed for a very long time, only because of its name.

Individuals also tend to focus only on the negative characteristics of the Saturn planet and the positive features tend to take a step back. In this book, readers get to take an in-depth look at Saturn and uncover all of the satisfying details that are contained in this excerpt of over 200 pages.

Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil provides readers with an extremely intuitive and fulfilling read.

It is a great book for children, teenagers, and even adults providing them with stunning facts about their own character helping them form a deeper understanding of their purpose.

The in-depth explanation of Saturn in both biological charts as well as synastry is quite amazing. The author, Liz Greene, uses her unique and quirky style to reveal the scrutinization of Saturn in Astrology.

The study is like a method for individuals to discover more about themselves, grow and finally attain freedom. The content of the book is divided into different chapters focusing on Saturn in every one of the elements.

That includes in each of the houses, watery signs and so much more. Other later chapters give an in-depth explanation of Saturn and its relationship with other stars in the birth chart.

Just like Saturn, the author is very specific avoiding to describe certain types of characteristics as good or bad.

Readers also get to explore synastry and Saturn. This means that readers get the chance to examine birth charts of different people as they try to find out if they will be compatible with one another.

The author details how Saturn is prone to working in long term relationships, the role that such characters play in predicting the length of the relationship as well as the notion of overcompensation.

This book provides you an in-depth and insightful look at Saturn. You also get the chance to educate yourself about planets, different signs, and different houses.

For example, the author states that Saturn is a person’s point of pronounced vulnerability. Wherever Saturn is placed in the chart we are overcome with fear making us quite vulnerable.

If for example, you take some time to read on Saturn in Aquarius or Aries, you get the chance to uncover so much more about these stars and their characters all at the same time.

If you like to study and approach Astrology psychologically, or you are simply interested in finding out more about human behavior, the reason for certain actions and how different people act, you will definitely enjoy reading this book. The book will definitely help you unblock certain personality traits that were blocked.

2. Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

Jan Spiller
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This book has documented great information and is quite ideal for individuals who are still new to astrology and is also perfect for advanced students and experts in the subject.

The location of the Nodes of the moon by the star sign is explained in great detail. The book gives readers a chance to explore an approach that is not only spiritual but also very practical.

The offer gives readers a lot of advice showing you how to handle personal issues and other problems that we will continue to deal with basically because of the position of the Moon’s delicate nodal axis.

Each chapter of the book has been dedicated to an in-depth interpretation of the location of the North Node of the Moon by using each and every zodiac sign. It is also divided into many different sections.

The Overview section provides users with unique features that they should develop, gives readers insight into attributes that they should leave behind as well as the common desires of the group.

The Personality section breaks down the common characteristics and problems that resurface when the location of the North Node is at a strange position. The Needs section reveals the fundamental requirements of the individual as well as the actual actions that would give you an idea of how you should satisfy your needs.

The Relationships section shows us a number of patterns that would relate to your significant other. The Goals section reveals the strengths that are prevalent according to each position as well as the weaknesses.

This gives you a lot of insight allowing you to get what you want. There is also a section known as The Healing Theme Song. In this section, the author writes down a song that is primarily meant to heal the reader from the lessons they may have learned when going through each group.

Jan Spiller, the author, has written about past lives on more than one occasion in this book.

However, it is still important to remember that the book is quite useful and educative even to those who have chosen not to believe in theories about your past life. This book is well written and it gives readers a great understanding of the lessons and the problems that we constantly face, depending on the position of the North Node.

All of the chapters can be interpreted just as easily by making use of the house placement of the North Node.

For example, if the North Node is positioned in the first house, that means that the North Node in the Aries chapter shall apply. Readers are treated to extensive and very insightful teaching of the Moon’s Nodal Axis.

3. Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and The Lark by Bernadette Brady

The Eagle and The Lark by Bernadette Brady
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The author of this book has also written a number of great excerpts such as “Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.”

This book, in particular, provides readers with hands-on instruments effective for learners who are stepping out and beginning to study on predictive astrology. With this book, readers get the chance to take a look at, progressions, transits, return charts, saros cycles, and other predictive techniques.

The Predictive Astrology chapter of this book is very illustrated and it is committed to transits. It provides readers with the necessary tools that will easily personalize the definitions of transits in different people’s lives.

The author of the book states that drawing a line that could help you sort out the general data that is involved with the transit locations of different houses, the position of the natal planet as well as the houses governed by the involved planets.

Another section of this book is committed to teaching secondary developments.

The author does not only provide explanations for certain development processes, but she also mentions important progressions and explains in detail factors such as orbs, waxing and waning factors, highly developed lunar phases and so much more.

Bernadette also takes time to assign a section to Time Maps. This is a unique tool that can assist learners and even professional astrologers to put together the segments of telling work.

Eclipses, as well as the Saros cycle, are major topics in other sections of the book.

Luminary and planetary arcs, planetary returns as well as mundane astrology are studied as devices that you can make use of when the eagle fails. The eagle failing as a metaphor that is discussed at the beginning of the book. The expressive story talks about an eagle and a park.

In this story, Brady identifies the eagle as having a unique technique while the lark has great intuition and insight in a number of different factors. The book as a whole is so clear providing us with outstanding facts.

It also provides users with practical material that they can use to sort and assemble dire astrology material and also offers readers a very rewarding explanation for many major details.

4. The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas

Astrology books
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The term Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are used in the heading of the book that is the Gods of Change. This book is a beautiful psychological revision of the exterior planet movements by the famous author Howard Sasportas.

The author provides readers with some realistic guidelines that can be used to explain transits, as well as how to properly handle them.

Sasportas says we should all expect the transit of the outer planets and instead of just sitting there we should work hard to prepare for such the occurrence so that we can be able to easily work well with the situation in a conscious way.

This will allow us to manage certain events in our lives and it will give us the feeling that we have more control over our lives. The author also concentrates a lot on our own situations that could make us feel that emotionally we are fighting a war.

He focusses on the psychological factors that allow us to bear the weight of different emotional experiences even during transits. Outer planets like Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are discussed in depth before you are offered an explanation of their movements by the house and also an aspect.

Some very illuminating examples and real-life case studies can be found in the final chapters of the book. These studies are proven and have been sourced from different files of different astrologers.

This book, unlike many others, does not focus only on celebrity examples. Many individuals prefer the “ordinary people” life examples mostly because it is easier to understand what they are going through from their point of life.

This particular book is actually considered one of the best Astrology excerpts in the world. It is a really insightful book, educative, very useful and has proven to inspire many readers across the globe.

You do not have to worry about finding any frightening predictions in this book. Instead, you will be able to find a number of great suggestions on how you can properly get ready for those dreadful transits made by outer planets. In this way, you can easily recognize such a situation and properly manage it.


For fun and an illuminating crash course in Astrology, you need to ensure that the books that you are investing in have been looked over and approved by a number of astrologers and other professionals who have built their careers out of reading the stars above us.

Whether you have just recently become interested in deepening your astrology understanding or you are a big fan of horoscopes this review is exactly what you need. With the selection that has been listed above, you can be assured that you will build and expand all your knowledge from the ground up.

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