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 It has always been so comforting to realize that even if your life is currently facing a series of setbacks, you cannot really control your destiny. Everything about your life may all simply resort to your birth chart, astrology and all the science behind it.

However, when it comes to comprehending your horoscope and discovering everything related to it can prove to be a very difficult task. So many individuals turn to students, experts, and books that could have more information about everything to do with horoscopes and astrology.

For many of us, it is so easy to get overwhelmed and confused with this topic. Luckily, as more and more interest among people continues to grow, there are a ton of media outlets for those who would like to get a chance to know more about the subject.

For decades now, horoscopes have continued to fill newspaper pages, websites and social media accounts.

Today, there is a group of professional astrologers who are making use of podcasts and using this outlet as a way to connect with individuals who are interested in learning more about astrology.

If you’d like to find out more about astrology but you have no idea where you can turn to, this review has listed down some of the best podcasts in the world that focus on astrology and help listeners form a deeper understanding of all the facts and the science behind it.

The truth is, finding podcasts that can help you learn a thing or two about yourself would be the most ideal first step in taking better care of yourself. There is actually nothing better than just putting aside a lot of your troubling thoughts and tasks and simply concentrate on a certain conversation that can draw you to an absolutely new place.

It is a fact that astrology is all about using your mind to determine exactly what path your life is going to follow. Astrology allows you to identify exactly who you are as a person as well as exactly who you would like to be.

Astrology is a mind-blowing tool that will allow you to form a deeper understanding of who you are and how you relate to those around you. All this is inter tuned with your body, and at the end of the day you will realize that astrology and all the podcasts that are centered around astrology come in quite handy, guiding your self-love routine.

It does not matter if you are a beginner when it comes to learning and understanding astrology, or if you are a big fan and you have been studying astrology for a long time, there is still always so much more interesting facts and features for everyone to learn.

If you are currently planning a long car trip, or perhaps you need something nice to listen to as you enjoy a walk or as you work out, there will always be an interesting astrology podcast designed just for you. Listening to these podcasts will really widen your perspective about the world and everybody and everything surrounding you.

Get ready because star signs and memes all over social media shall surely form a whole new meaning for you.

1. The Mary English Astrologer Podcast

extensive study of the stars and astrology
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This podcast provides you with an extensive study of the stars and astrology, while still accepting that astrology is indeed a complex study If you’d like to learn more on astrology, however, you feel really overwhelmed or you probably have no idea where you should begin, then it is advisable that you include this podcast to your list.

To start off the learning process so that you can form a deeper understanding of what astrology actually is, Mary, who teaches throughout this podcast suggests that you take some time to listen to the podcast from episode one all the way to episode 20.

From there you will have formed a deeper understanding of astrology and you can enjoy all the latest episodes.

If you enjoy royalty then you should definitely take a listen to episode 15. With this podcast, you can also learn more on the twelve houses while making use of Queen Elizabeth the second’s birth chart.

2. Bridging Realities: Eugenia Krok’s Podcast

Bridging Realities
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This podcast does a great job at finding a way to connect all of our own struggles and daily occupations to the skies as well as the galaxy in such an amazingly beautiful and delicate way.

With this podcast, you will finally be able to apply the understanding and intelligence of the planets, the stars and the galaxy to gain a lot of confidence and feel more entitled in your everyday routine.

Once you gain access to this podcast it is advisable that you simply get comfortable in your most preferable space and make the moment special by allowing Eugenia to talk you through your own thoughts, your career, your own life’s choices, your intuition as well as all of your doubts.

3.  Ambi Kavanagh podcast; Alchemy

Ambi Kavanagh podcast
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The host of the show is known as Ambi Kavanagh. This host always ensures that each of the episodes on her podcast matches up with the calendar of the moon. Every astrologer is well aware that the most ideal time to talk about issues in the 21st century is when the new moon is quite visible as well as the full moon.

If you are a fanatic of the galaxy and astrology and you probably already have a ritual for the full moon as well as the new moon, then you will definitely enjoy listening to conversations on unique topics that are spoken of during every significant half-moon.

The different phases of the moon which are the full moon and the new moon provide us with such ideal chances to get a glimpse of our own associations with our money, the way we set partitions in our lives as well as how we liaise.

With this podcast, you can make use of Ambi Kavanagh’s awareness to form a deeper understanding of what more you would like in your life as well as what you would want to eliminate from your life each and every month.

4. Nathalie Walstein Podcast

Soulshine Cosmic Career
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This podcast is known as the Soulshine Cosmic Career. Are you currently feeling lost and stuck in a dead-end career?  Are constantly worrying trying to figure out if you have really found your purpose in life and if you are fulfilling it?

If you are constantly questioning yourself on these hefty questions, then you should definitely take some time to listen to the podcast of Nathalie Walstein. The astrologer opens up on how every individual can make use of the energy that the planets and the stars release fulfill all our goals.

Nathalie mentions that with this energy, our creative minds and ideas can inevitably begin to flow in motion with the different phases of the moon. If you are interested in spiritual energy as well as creative energy, then you will definitely enjoy listening to this podcast.

5. Anne Ortelee Podcast

The weekly weather astrology
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This podcast is known as “The weekly weather astrology”. Just as the name suggests, this podcast gives us insight into the progression of the stars, the sky, the planets, and the entire galaxy.

Every Saturday Anne Ortelee releases a new episode and with the insight that you will learn from each episode, you will be able to confidently face the week and deal with each challenge accordingly.

Let us say that you are getting ready for a life-changing event in your life. Maybe you are presenting at a very important meeting, or you are finally changing your career, planning a trip or your wedding, or perhaps you are just about to give birth, this podcast gives you the chance to fully comprehend the energy that the skies release.

This energy works to invite the large and even the small events and wins in your life.

6. Chris Brennan Podcast

famous astrologer
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Chris Brennan can be described as a very famous astrologer and sometimes he hosts his podcast alone, but other times he invites other experts and astrologers to join him behind the mic.

This podcast is known as The Astrology Podcast, and listeners get the chance to listen in as they discuss a lot on fascinating astrological circumstances from different views and prospects.

It does not matter if you are searching for extensive insight and prediction of the following months or if you are searching for an enlightening conversation on retrogrades.

This podcast works well in answering all of your questions, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for, and in the process, you will learn so many new things.

7. Jerico Mandybur; Self Service Podcast

Jerico Mandybur;
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Jerico Mandybur is the voice behind the mic of this podcast that is quite unique because unlike other podcasts mentioned in this review, Mandybur doesn’t always center all of her topics and discussions around the stars, planets, and astrology.

In this podcast, however, you can learn so much more about how to become a young astrologer as well as how to successfully make use of crystals.

The host often invites experts such as religious guides as well as wellness business people so that listeners get a chance to listen on a number of topics and conversations that are in one way or another connected to astrology.

In this podcast, you will realize that at the end of each episode, the well-known astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo briefly speaks on astrology and every individual should set aside some time to listen to this section.

8. Adam Sommer; Exploring Astrology

exploring astrology
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A number of listeners have mentioned that the man behind the mic, Adam Sommer has a very smooth and captivating voice and the words that he chooses to use to explain various astrological events are so rich and fascinating.

This podcast explains retrogrades, the definition of Venus viewed as a star, what Chiron constitutes to as well as various cycles of Jupiter. Adam then reveals a similar opinion explaining all of the wonders of the sky.

Just as the podcasts’ name suggests, each and every episode from this platform allows the reader to explore and uncover earthly meaning that is concealed beneath the planets and stars.

9. Astro Twins Radio

Ophira and Tali Edut.
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The Astro Twins are Ophira and Tali Edut. These ladies are popularly known for their work, their amazing books, Shoestrology and Love Zodiac, their many discoveries and providing cosmic awareness on the and TV guide.

This lovely pair gives astrology enthusiasts present day, constructive, millenary astrological points that are consumed by millions of enthusiasts on a daily basis. Thanks to the evolution of podcasts, now listeners get to hear these twins straight from their podcast.

Their podcast episodes are centered around every individual’s development, the sequence of astrology as well as intentional business. As we all know a number of entrepreneurs do not like their work to be separated from their religious path, their values and their relationship to others.

The twins use the podcast to try out a new approach to astrology and success.

The twins also invite a number of guests to host the show with them. The guests include motivational leaders as well as other modern entrepreneurs who provide you with lots of advice.

10. JJ Flizanes Podcast – Spirit, Purpose & Energy

Spirit, Purpose & Energy
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In this podcast, the main theme is astrology and its relation to one’s soul and spirit, one’s purpose, and energy.

The book also takes a look at the law of attraction. This law has definitely become quite famous thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s successful book, The Secret. If you are a believer of attracting factors in your life through intuition, manifestation, and meditation, then you will definitely enjoy this podcast.

Everything under a religious theme is discussed in detail in this podcast. That includes various topics from relationships to weight loss.

The podcast is filled with over 60 episodes that you can binge listen to any time you’d like to. It goes without saying that this show will allow you to live a happier life that is filled with lots of purpose, spirit, love, and energy.


Whether you are looking for an exciting episode that will uplift your spirit during your daily travels, or you are looking for different methods to improve your quiet time, the podcasts listed in this review can give you lots of information that you can choose from.

As a listener, you should never feel overwhelmed by the intense amount of astrology. It is important that you take your time to pay attention to the teachings.

In addition, you can choose to take some time and meditate between sessions. This will really enhance your self-realization and improve your decision-making capability.


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