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The best astrology software gives you all the important data, calculations, as well as astrological predictions. The software will give you comprehensive details about your constellation, moon sign, sun sign, ascendant, as well as all the other important aspects of the astrology charts.

best astrology softwares
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But for you to find and use this software, you need to scour the internet for hours. There are numerous astrology apps, and you cannot choose software just because it’s the first one you see.

There’s a lot that goes into an astrology software, and you need to identify the features that make that software better than others.

To simplify your search, however, you need to look for the astrology software programs that come with all the important features you need to calculate charts, and one that integrates different datasets with ease.

With apps using AI-driven technologies already on the market, it won’t be too long until you find super-sophisticated software solutions created to streamline everything in the Astrological realm.

Today, we look at some of the best astrology software programs. Some of these programs are ideal for charting and calculation of the changes in space, others serve as programs for the interpretation of reports, and there also are programs for research.

But before we look at some of the best astrology software, let’s take a step back into what the software do and how they work.

Astrology and Astrology Software

Astrology is an important science that’s based on the concepts of planetary movement in relation to a specific reference point. For example, the Equinoquel Reference for the transition of the Sun to Aries is characterized by a great deal of drifting.

There’s also the fact that all zodiac signs we know of coming with co-moving stars which never move along radically because the inferior signs, specifically the ones between Pisces and Virgo, move at greater speeds, while others lag behind.

Therefore, where discussions of Birth signs are involved, it’s worth noting that these signs remain astronomically unequal, with experts placing these differences, along with the presence of Ophiuchus, at 13 birth signs.

Historically, the astronomical calculations were done manually, and these calculations had a number of errors, especially in cases where the clock would move slower. A second delay affects data by 400 milliseconds, and in the spatial world, this is a lot of time.

To counter these errors and to increase the accuracy of results, astrologers now make use of astrology software that computes data in real-time. These software programs make use of the hour-minute-second system, and they identify shifts and movements down to the second. With transits in the zodiac signs taking place all the time, the use of astrology software program ensures that all the changes are accounted for at all times.

With the right software, you will have accurate astrological data for astrological shifts of up to 3 years. This is nothing compared to what you get from NASA – NASA makes use of supercomputers which give accurate planetary positions at all times, while also predicting eclipses for up to 3,000 years, as long as there are no changes in the speed at which the earth rotates.

So, which is the best astrology software for you?

TimePassages Astrology Software 6.0 Basic Edition

best astrology software
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Developed by TimePassages Astrology software is a full-featured software for astrology that comes with an easy to use point-to-click functionality. This interface means that you can move the mouse over any chart or the features of the chart for a quick summary or a comprehensive interpretive text.

This software allows you to easily create your unique birth charts after you feed the birth date, time, and location into the app. Once you enter these details, you will be able to view the details of the transit or the natal chart. These are the features of the software’s basic edition, and the charts (Natal or Transit) make it easier for you to calculate and interpret these charts, as well as the transit bi-wheel chart.

You will find individual interpretations of individual aspects and planets from a click of the mouse. The point-and-click option gives you more of the transformatively-oriented descriptions, while the control-click option will give you access to a lot more astrological information.

This software also features a Graphical Transit Timeline that tracks the ebb and flows of the planetary transits over time in a graphical layout with curves representing planet aspects in different periods, say, 3,6, 12 months.

It also boasts more than 20 points of astrological significance. These points include the Sun, Moon, Lunar Nodes, the 8 standard planets, Part of Fortune, as well as Chiron, which is of great planetary influence today.

The other points that you may choose to display or not include the main asteroids like Pallas, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno; the main Centaurs like Nessus and Pholus, Haumea, Black Moon Lilith, Makemake, Eris, and Sedna. You will also learn about the general interpretations ideal for house placements.

The other features include:

  • The transits with interpretations for the House Rulers
  • European chart wheel
  • Exaltations and Rulerships for the natal house
  • Planetary patterns for the classic Rudhyar-style charts
  • House calculation methods
  • An electronic user manual
  • Built-in ACS atlas
  • MDI interface
  • Aspect Grid, adjustable aspect orbs, and date ranges,
  • Chart workspace files, and customizable chart displays.

With all these features, this software ensures that you have accurate birth charts.

This TimePassage software is available for use on Windows and Mac OS devices, and it’s a good fit for beginners and professionals alike. This software is used by some of the big names in the astrological world, for example, Alan Oken, Rob Brezsny, and Antero Alli, among others.

Kundali Chakra 2012 (Pro Edition)

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One of the longest-running astrology software programs, Kundali Chakra, is a program that is trusted by many astrology professionals all over the world. It comes with a host of features, as well as advanced customization options that make it possible for you to deliver accurate and more professional predictions with the click of a button. You don’t have to worry about bugs because the software is updated regularly.

Some of the features offered by this software include

  • Horoscope – the software can predict and calculate users’ horoscopes based on birth information along with any other specific data.
  • Match-making – by analyzing astrological details and predictions of two people, this software can calculate compatibilities, and also predict whether the two will have a future together or not. Match-making depends on numerology as well.
  • Prediction Systems – to ensure that the information provided is accurate and reliable, this software makes use of different prediction systems, for example, the S.P.S system, K.P system, and numerology (based on user’s data). You could also use it for detailed predictions of your finances, love, nature, etc.
  • In addition to the systems above, this app makes use of an animations system and its powerful engine in Transit study to predict then track all future planetary movements (planets and stars).
  • Name Selection – if you need astrological guidance to pick out a name for your child, this software will also come in handy as it provides a Vedic and a Western Method of picking names, with guidance from information like the time of birth, date, location, etc.

The other features of this software include the Bio rhythmic charts, Muhurate analysis, as well as latitude and longitude data.

Solar Fire Gold

astrology program
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If you are looking for a well-designed astrology program that is easy to use, then this Solar Fire Gold software would be a good option for you.

Designed for use by astrologers, this software comes with a host of beautifully-implemented features, it is easy to use, and it offers unparalleled design and functional capabilities. Its customization is also easy, and the interpretations brief.

Some of the features of this software include the astrological calendar, as well as a powerful predictive algorithm that will make this software even easier for you to use. According to its users and professionals, the data analytics from this software is quite accurate and reliable. The other features of this software include

A Swiss Ephemeris Calculation System – this software allows you to create progress and transit charts for specific users. This calculation system gives accurate charts with exact positions of the planetary bodies, and all the other major asteroids. You will be happy to know that the data used by this software has been collected by NAS, and the data available will be there for 10000 years in the future. The data also goes back 10000 years. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, this software will get you going from the word go.

Charts – using this software, you get to create all types of astrology charts – you can make 21 types of astrological charts, from the tertiary, pre-natal, and draconic charts, among others. You could also personalize the charts using built-in fonts, graphics, etc.

Astra Maps – The software also comes with an Astra Maps function, which creates the most powerful predictions. The calculation engine is also reliable, and you can use it to make plant charts, and also make predictions.

House Systems – You might also like this software for its versatility and the fact that it works for up to 30 different houses.


Centered around medieval astrological techniques, this software features a powerful engine that’s user-friendly for beginners and also professionals. This software is a product of the house of New Zealand, and though it doesn’t come with over-the-top features, it is reliable and very stable.

It comes with an Astro Mapping function that is bundled into the software’s atlas and its predictive engine. Thanks to these features, this software makes it easy for you to find some different places in the world.

Whether you are looking for astrology software to help you set up your business, find the best places to settle down, the best place to invest at, the best vacationing spot, or where to meet the love of your life, this software will get you started.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter

Halloran Software
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Developed by Halloran Software, this astrology software comes with a host of important astrological utilities and tools which allow you to create astrological charts for different predictions. Its Astro Carto Graphy makes for easy interpretation of results.

It also comes with a Report Creating Engine that gives specific and comprehensive insights into planetary movements and, together with the engines, provides comprehensive predictions on different aspects of your life.

You can use it to create houses or reports focusing on your predictions, allowing you to create even more detailed predictions and outlines thanks to the use of charts and reports.

Mapping of transits and charts is also possible with this software. And the report writer completes all the important reporting tasks on your behalf.


Solar Fire Gold’s Swiss Emphemeris Calculation system
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With a great design, an interface that is easy to use, a host of basic utilities and tools, Keplar is another excellent astrology software for use by beginners, as well as pros. Its features include audio interpretations of calculations and charts, all thanks to Solar Fire Gold’s Swiss Emphemeris Calculation system, which makes use of planetary data collected from NASA directly.

Keplar gives its users access to over 18000 charts along with mappings for planetary bodies. Its time-change atlas offers several built-in reports such as the fine brief natal, degree meaning, compatibility, harmonic reports, and relocation reports.

This software also offers numerous astromapping techniques such as theme mapping based on locations, as well as the unique predictive graphs (also theme-based) to tell people about the ideal times for romance, business, etc. The other mapping methods include the Fixed Star catalog and the midpoint compatibility.


intrepid astrology software
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Developed by the Astrological Bureau of Ideas, Intrepid offers a new approach to data interpretation based on the principles of self-evident astrology. It is, therefore, one of the most powerful tools for chart creation, and it represents everything about the original science of astrology.

Intrepid provides accurate predictions and interpretations of data, with their results showing a significantly high rate of accuracy. It comes with 5 progressions not seen in other astrology software systems.

It also comes with a full ACD atlas that allows you to easily and accurately pinpoint exact coordinates at all times. Its 10-house structure and the use of the Swiss Ephemeris Calculation Systems enhance the accuracy of this software.

You could also use Intrepid to come up with the Super Birth Wheel, which features the Luminaries, Nineteen planetary moons, the North Node, 6 asteroids, different plants, as well as 78 midpoints. But even with these advanced functions, Intrepid still is an excellent software for beginners – the design is intuitive and easy to work with.


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Sirius is a very powerful astrological software that boasts the most accurate, largest, frequently updated time-change atlas, as well as the best database featuring events, mundane, as well as charts for famous people.

It is one of the most versatile programs, and it comes with functions applicable in different schools of astrology such as Huber, Cosmobiology, Fixed Stars, Vedic, Modern, Western, Hellenistic, Harmonics, and Asteroids, among others.

Sirius also features a number of abstruse techniques used by astrologers. Then there’s the Rectification Module created for advanced astrologers. This module comes with a Page Designer (what-you-see-is-what-you-get designer), a full Fixed Star, Business Manager, and Asteroid Reports, among other functions.


best planetarium
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This is a comprehensive astrology program that makes use of points throughout its program, including Parts, House Cusps, and Nodes, among others.

It also features the best planetarium, 13 sign charts, Gauquelin Sectors, Astrodynes, as well as Heliacal and Out of Bound Searches.

You might also like its predictive graph, which features a number of important features for determining the location of transiting planets, among other aspects.

Matrix Win*Star 6.0

This is a professional astrology software, one of the best 21st Century astrological programs that makes use of the most innovative Matrix programs and professional level tools to simplify your understanding of astrology.

It provides advanced searches thanks to the use of highly advanced modules, which are light years ahead of what you see in other software programs. Your searches could be based on fixed stars, defined points, and transiting house cusps.

It also features Win*Maps, which is powered by the elite team at Horizons Lite. From this mapping system, you can plot Zodiacal, Geodetic, and En Mundo lines, setting lines, rising lines, nadir lines, zenith lines, as well as aspects, local space, parans, and midpoints.

With all these functions, this software is the ideal fit for serious professionals. There are simpler versions for beginners though – Standard and the Extended versions, which are easy to use. The professional version is quite advanced.

The other astrology programs you could consider include Blue*Star 6.0, Bindu, and Win*Star Express.


These are 10 of the best astrology software. There are many others you could explore, though. Just make sure you examine the features it offers. Birth charts, horoscope matching, baby name suggestions, your characteristics/personality/ lifestyle/luck, and transit reports, are some of the basic features you should look for in software for astrology.

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