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Are you new to the sacred and religious world or are you a devotional and spiritual seeker? Irrespective of what point you are in on your religious path at this moment, the market is filled with books on spiritual enlightenment that are ideal for everyone.

For many people, religious awareness can take a really long time, while for many others it could actually be quite prompt. At the end of the day, what matters is that an individual has finally arrived at their point of spirituality.

Religious awakening is an amazing feeling as it enables you to disconnect from your uncontrollable thoughts and negative emotions. It gradually destroys your previous identity that had been built over the years by your ego.

From this point, you stop acting from a point of fear, instead, you form a deep connection with your soul allowing you to perform different actions from a place purely built on love.

We are all aware of the main religious doctrines of the world.

These are; The Koran, The Bible, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and also, The Tao Te Ching.

All of these books play major roles in the spiritual life of an individual, guiding them through different events and situations, however, there are still a number of different books that are filled with the spiritual content that you require to open up your heart.

These books contain sacred teachings and transcendent benevolence that are great at dialing down all the perceptions that you had held onto so viciously.

Spiritual Enlightenment
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In this article, we list down some of the greatest books for spiritual enlightenment.

The books mentioned in this review will begin one’s soul searching experience. With these books, you will learn how to live with a better sense of mind-body integration as well as the community.

These excerpts provide your body, your mind, and your spirit with a retreat feeling.

A lot of these recordings are inclined to spirituality and religion while others in this list have beliefs and teachings that are similar to more than one religion. Each of these books will arouse your spirit providing you with a new outlook on the world around you.

It is important to remember that the books that have been selected are just a few of the many religious books in the market. As a reader, you should not feel like you are limited to this list of books. You need to view these books as a stepping board towards higher reading. These books are also quite effective for your spiritual growth and awakening.

The best books that every spiritual reader should indulge in

1. The book by Bill Plotkin- Nature and the human soul

Nature and the human soul
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This novel can be described as a religious blueprint that will allow your soul to develop and improve in a very healthy manner. In this book, the author guides us on a courageous journey between the Eco-centric Phases of an individual’s Development and the Eight Soul-central.

All of the mentioned stages finish out the egocentric phases of human evolution. A large number of individuals residing within the Western society hardly ever move past these phases. This is why bonafide and psychological matureness and spiritual growth is not a popular acquirement.

The same goes for authentic respect elder-hood. This is in some ways non-existent in Western society.

Conceivably, the most reproving phase is number four. At this stage, an individual’s ego is dismantled, which means that a person’s ego dies. The death of ego allows us to expand our safe havens, and shatter mental prototypes and move through objective doorways.

Once you have successfully departed from the bundled-up cocoon that you were limited to, your ego finally becomes completely formed, or we can say that your ego becomes individuated. This allows us to form into creatures who have the ability to be involved in soul initiation. This is a self-actualization process.

The phases go on with the excerpts known as The Master in the Grove of Elders.

One of the best quotes that we can pick from this book is, “The caterpillar views the butterfly the same way an inexperienced ego views an experienced ego. The caterpillar views the imaginal buds just the same way the soul views the unexperienced ego.”

2. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior- Dan Millman

Dan Millman
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If you are interested in educating yourself more on the Zon of fearlessness then this book, ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ is exactly what you need to read. This story is actually founded from real-life events about the youthful life of Dan Millman.

The book is written in the form of a teacher-student narrative that sympathizes with a very innocent and zealous student known as Dan. The teacher known as Socrates is quite wise and adamant.

The teacher guides Dan showing him the ways of the peaceful warrior and teaching him how the path is quite religious and requires total openness and sensitivity.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation between the teacher Socrates and Dan. Socrates asks DAN, “Where are you?” Dan replies, “Here”. Socrates asks, “What time is it?” and Dan replies, “Now”.

Finally, the teacher asks, “What are you?” Dan replies, “This moment.”

The author focusses on courage, strength, and discipline teaching us how these factors form the base of love.

The student is taught on how having courage does not mean that you are not vulnerable. Courage is simply mellow plasticity. The teacher also discloses how there is power in been totally vulnerable.

Individuals who are happy with gaining power by not being vulnerable may never understand the kind of power you have with been vulnerable. Each and every human being is actually going through a remarkable experience.

There are hardly any typical moments. There are only a ton of common perceptions and precepts.

This excerpt is the religious searcher’s Rocky. The inspiration that you will gain from all these teachings will definitely leave your heart full of a lot of courageous love.

3. Ernest Becker’s book – The denial of death

The denial of death
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In 1974, this book was bestowed with an award for the Pulitzer Award for the Non-Fiction category.

This book, is based on the operations of Otto Rank, Soren Kierkegaard, and Sigmund Freud as well as so many other professionals. The book is a supreme example of existential anxiety that converges with inflated reasoning.

Through this book, the author grabs our attention, cuts off the temporary wings that have been disposed to us by cultural and other ethnic constraints. The author then returns us back to the ground, where he shows exactly how hypocritical we can be and how as individuals, we are all actually very insecure creatures who are liable to error.

Humans always need a constant assertion of our abilities.

After all that enlightenment the author goes ahead to reveal to us the more genuine track to insight as well as spirituality. This allows us to make our own wings through the unearthing of ourselves. Through this process of continuous artistic assertion, we get the chance to find our emblematic self.

With this discovery, we can easily transcend the restriction of our worthlessness through a lot of creativity and art.

This then allows us to commence on an “everlasting project”. This project allows us to start becoming a part of a situation that we will feel like it will never end, transcending even death itself. At this level, we move past the quandary of mortality. This is by cosmic heroism.

The author talks like his mouth were the mouth of a brave man of a great number of faces. It lashes just like empirical lashes at the center of an individual’s state.

The author forces open every individual’s head right over the border of the canyon, provoking us to trump limited mindful thoughts by becoming very creative and in control to present purpose, meaning, and importance to the larger picture of our existence.

One of the greatest quotes from this book is, “An individual will never be able to endure his own smallness unless he can interpret it into the valuation on the highest possible measure.”

4. Women who Run with the Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

 Spiritual Enlightenment
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This book can be described as being a masterpiece excerpt that contains a lot of insight on myths and all people should take some time and read this book and most especially women.

This book guides the reader through intelligent parables, fables, myths, and even legend.

This is all done while deciphering through a female, eco-conscious view of deep interpretation that supernaturally shows exactly how all things can be intertwined simply through the power of narratives from humans.

Specifically touching is the following intelligent alliteration of religious advice – forbear- to keep away from any form of punishment, forego – leave a certain situation alone, forget – to decline to dwell and also forgive – to desert the debt. The author uses his words to strike the soul of the female state.

Pinkola does this while also exploiting the foundation of the human state, by exposing the evasive philosopher’s stone of in-depth Truth in balance with the soul of a human.

Through holy mythmaking and untamed knowledge, this book can be described as an ointment for a large number of wounds that are built in the human state, and a religious benefit for the spiritually baffled.

Women who run with the wolves is an amazing book that has so much to teach both men and women.

One of the most interesting quotes from the author is, “As with any fall into the senseless, a moment reaches when an individual just hopes for the finest, pinches their nose, and leaps into the canyon.

If this would not happen, humans would not need to come up with phrases like courage, hero or heroine.

5. Finite and Infinite Games – James P. Carse

Books on Spiritual Enlightenment
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This book is a really concise, short and attention-grabbing study of the human state viewed through the lens of a special flavor of game theory. Finite and Infinite games introduce us to two-game contestants that are competing against each other.

That is the Finite contestant and the Infinite contestant. The author explains how a boundary is considered an occurrence of the opposite (finite). A horizon is an occurrence of vision (infinite).

The religious connotations are one of a kind, and there is a type of spiritual humor that can be continuously felt.

The Finite contestant participates within set boundaries, while the infinite contestant participates in jest. The Finite contestant participates primarily to gain power, while the Infinite contestant participates with power.

Finite contestant absorbs time, while the Infinite contestant gives rise to time. The Finite contestant works towards gaining eternal life while the Infinite contestant works towards gaining eternal rebirth.

For the Finite contestant, the laws and regulations of the game never change. The rules always remain the same, however for the Infinite contestant the rules and regulations change in a bid to continue participating in the game.

For the Finite contestant, the inevitable happens. The game ends, however for the Infinite contestant the game amazingly continues. The only genuine game is the game of life.

One of the best quotes from this excerpt is – “This continuous change does not necessarily mean disconnectedness as an individual; however, change actually forms the basic foundation of our continuity as an individual.

This is because I’m unable to view what you can view that I can actually view.” – James Carse

6. A book by Giulio Tononi –  PHI- Voyage from the brain to the soul

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A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul is such an exhilarating book that allows the reader to set off on a wild mind-altering expedition through the essence of consciousness.

The book works well-connecting art, science, as well as the imagination of an individual with fractal cosmology, Fibonacci sequences and also golden ratios. The reader will have the pleasure of becoming aware of the world through different leaders such as Francis Crick, Darwin, Galileo as well as Alan Turing.

The book makes use of many different bases from mindful meditation to in-depth introspection, from neuroscience to pseudoscience. The author explains more about exactly how consciousness is a progressive, ever-growing recognition of ourselves as finite and religious individuals existing in an unbounded universe.

We become aware of how consciousness is consolidated information and how the power of that integration needs a ton of management and reliability.

This book also teaches on how the brain is the base of our insight and perceptions. The brain plays a very creative force par excellence. The brain can also make new shapes and form new qualia.

It does this by increasing consciousness. The universe advances becoming more and more into a real feature and incorporates the ego as well as the eco, the one and the many and the interdependencies of everything.

One of the best quotes that are stated in this book from the author is – “Dark and gloomy conceptions, just like murky water can serve only two purposes. It can conceal what lies underneath, and this is our lack of knowledge, or to make what is shallow seem quite intense.” – Giulio Tononi

7. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

Books on Spiritual Enlightenment
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A New Earth also is known as Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose is one of the books that Oprah listed in her book club selection. This book is one of the best self-improvement books that take advantage of the massive success of another book called “The Power of Now”.

The author guides the reader taking him on a religious journey that shows how one can generate happiness without any kind of materialistic asset at this moment.

According to the author, the book’s only purpose is not to provide you with any new beliefs or add any new information to your mind or try and prove a certain fact, instead the book generates a shift in your conscious thoughts.

The author is dedicated to implanting every individual with a mindset of truthful self-evaluation and also brings forth a notion of “evolutionary change of human awareness.” This will allow you to suddenly change the way different individuals view real-life events and occurrences.

The author then continues to break down and analyze the ego, and from the massacre rises the unbeatable soul of an individual’s state. The soul is always present and therefore in the moment, the soul is always joyful.

This amazing book teaches us an amazing lesson. That is above everything else, it is very important for an individual to build and work hard at acquiring life’s meaning at this particular moment.

One of the greatest quotes that the author drops in this book is, “When the adventurous capability of the universe becomes aware of itself, it exhibits itself as happiness. As an individual, you do not necessarily have to hold up and wait for a certain significant thing to come knocking into your life so that you can start enjoying what you do.

There is so much more meaning in joy than you will ever require. The act of “waiting to start living” is actually one of the most ordinary misapprehensions of the unconscious level.

Positive change as well as growth will most definitely dwell into your life if you take some time to have fun with the work or task that you are already taking part in. It is unnecessary for an individual to pause and wait for some kind of change in their lives so that they can finally love doing what they are doing.” – A quote from Eckhart Tolle.

8. Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Fredrich Nietzsche

Fredrich Nietzsche
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This book has been described as been Fredrich Nietzche’s best work so far. The book is amazingly crafted, and it seems as if the book has been specially written to turn any individual’s soul inside out.

If as a reader, you are open enough to receive the teachings, the piece of information on self-overcoming is received beautifully. If not, the reader could be lost in a sea of mysterious but very amusing highfalutin.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra is equipped with everything from the demise of God to the rise of the prehistoric Ubermensch to subjects of everlasting recurrence. The book contains a special exploratory style that is sang in poetic boisterous talked about by the book’s initiator and protagonist.

The book is not written in prose, neither is it written in poetry.

It is not based on fiction neither is it based on non-fictional stories or events. The author, however, has found a way to sub sum all of this to reveal a story that rises above the ordinary narratives that we are all used to.

The author goes against all of the literary regulations and rules; however, the book is still excellently put together.

The author’s effective and far-fetched conclusion is that while freedom and self-control cannot be attained easily, the absence of these two factors proves to be dangerous not only to the individual but also the community and the world as a whole. This is just the same as interdependence which is self-control in communion with the galaxy.

All of this cannot be attained without the entitlement of freedom of free will from codependency.

Here is one of the best excerpts from the book, as Nietzche begged, “I implore you, all my brothers to maintain a faithful and dedicated heart to the earth.  In the same way, do not place your belief on those who talk to you about some otherworldly beliefs and hopes.”


The books mentioned in this article are actually more than just mere books. All of these books have taken a life of their own successfully inspiring a ton of individuals and spiritual movements all around the earth.

A number of people began their religious journey with just a simple encounter with some of the books mentioned here. For many people, ever since then, they have had quite a high regard for different excerpts on religion.

From the words of the famous philosopher, Francis Bacon, he states that “A number of books should be tasted, others should be devoured, but only very few books should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

The books mentioned in this review are the type of books you should devour wholly. It is important for everyone to take some time to really digest and understand the sayings in this book.

The books are for religious beginners as well as the individuals who are on the path of their religious journey.

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