Do You Have Negative Energy Attached To You?


Do you have negative energy attached to you? Energy is not something we can see or touch but it is definitely something we experience every day of our lives. Positive and negative energies are all around us, in our environments and in people we interact with on a day to day basis.

You probably know what if feels like to be around a person who carries negative energy. They generally complain a lot and see the negative side of everything. These people leave you feeling sad, angry, anxious and just about every negative feeling you could name…

After a few minutes of interaction you can’t explain why you feel like a dark cloud just formed above your head and it feels like it’s following you home.

That is what people feel when they spend time with people with negative energy. What if you are that person? What if it’s you who makes people suddenly feel low, anxious and sad? How can you tell? What should you do about it?

These are some telltale signs that you are the negative energy carrier in the crowd. Quite often people with negative energy won’t realize that there is anything ‘off’ about themselves. It takes a keen eye and an open mind to notice.

Signs You Have Negative Energy Attached To You

1. You Are Always Complaining

People with negative energy are constantly complaining about something. It could be their job, their boss, their spouse, the weather and most commonly the government. Not to say that everything should be perfect but constantly complaining leaves people around you feeling drained.

When you join in on a conversation, they roll their eyes waiting for you to start and go on and on about what could be different in your life.

2. You Struggle To Make And Keep Friends

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Have you struggled to make any new friends in the last several months? For most actively social people, this may seem strange, since making friends is something you never even think about.

You come across lots of people in the course of your days and some of them end up becoming your good friends. When this doesn’t happen, it may be that you have negative energy which people don’t want to be around.

You may also notice that even the old friends you have had forever are avoiding you. They are unavailable for what used to be usual meet ups or always cancel on you at the last minute. If you have negative energy, your friends may be consciously or subconsciously avoiding you.

It could also be that your friends seem to come into your life and go soon after that. If there is a negative vibe to you, they tire of it quickly and opt to focus on positive people in their lives.

3. You Are Always Fighting With People

It’s normal to get into a disagreement with a friend, spouse or even a colleague every so often. However, if you find that you are arguing, fighting or having sharp disagreements with people often, it may be time to do some self-introspection.

For example, you have a fight with your spouse as you are heading for work, or on the way to work you stop at a diner for a cup of coffee and have an argument with a random stranger on the queue.

Maybe at work, you find that you have had heated arguments with two different colleagues by the end of the day. That is definitely not normal and these a significant signs that you could be experiencing negative energy.

People with negative energy rarely see themselves as being at fault. It would take a good friend to make you open your eyes to your undesirable behavior.

4. Clutter

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Yes, some people are naturally untidy. It doesn’t mean that there is anything terribly off about you when you fail to clean up after yourself. For others clutter in your living and working environments is a sign of negative energy weighing on you.

For example, there is a pile of books at the corner which should have been arranged in a shelf 3 weeks ago but you haven’t got round to it. There are newspapers and magazines all over and there is a pile of clothes on the yet-to be-unpacked suitcase you used the last time you traveled out of town.

When you have stuff all over the place, it sucks positive energy out of you and your living space. This could be part of the reason you’re feel filled with so much negativity.

5. You Have A Negative Spin To Everything

Negatively energized people never fail to apply their negativity to situations, even if they are worthy of celebration. When you are full of negativity, you are the self-proclaimed prophet of doom.

For example, your cousin announces that he just got a long awaited promotion at work. Your fist response is that he probably won’t last in the position because the company may be bought off in the next few months.

Another example may be, your colleague just told you that she is expecting a baby. When everyone else is congratulating her and happy for her coming bundle of joy, you wonder out loud ‘aren’t you afraid of bringing a baby into such a terrible world?

6. Nobody Asks You For Help

When you’re full of negative energy, people not only avoid you, they also desist from asking for your help with anything.

For example, one of your friends was unwell last week. For some reason, everyone else in that group of friends was aware and they all went to see the ailing friend at the hospital. No one thought to call you? Well, perhaps they thought about it and opted not to.

When you’re constantly complaining, people around you avoid asking you for help because you have created an impression that you are the one who needs help. They feel guilty for asking you for assistance with anything.

Physical Symptoms Of Negative Energy

Physical symptoms could be a sign of illness. If there are no signs of other illness and you feel that heavy sense of sadness over you, these symptoms are most likely a sign on negative energy.

  • Headaches
  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Stomach pain
  • Unending fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

How to Get Rid Of Negative Energy in Yourself

1. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive people
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When you surround yourself with negative people, their vibe rubs off on you. Likewise, surround yourself with positive people and their positivity will rub off on you.

You cannot always avoid negative people in your life. You may be surrounded by them at home or workand you see them everyday, however if you can avoid them, then do so.

Cut off toxic friends when necessary. Perhaps you can find ways to reduce your interaction with a negative colleague at work from 5 times a day to 3 times a day, this will help you out a lot.

Make it a point and habit to spend more time with people who make you feel happy and more alive. Positive people leave you feeling hopeful and excited about the future.

2. Declutter you living space

You will be surprised how much positive energy you forfeit just by keeping your space in a mess. One of the best ways to get rid of negative energy is to clean out everything.

Sort everything you have in storage areas into categories to throw away, to donate and to keep. This process takes brutal honesty with yourself. If you don’t need something, resist the temptation to keep it anyway.

Next roll up your sleeves and clean the entire space. Start with dirty laundry, then clean the floors, windows and even those often forgotten corners. You won’t be doing this again for a while so go all out and clean everything. Then open up the windows to allow in some fresh air.

This not only serves to leave you with a sparkling clean physical environment, but it also lets out negative energy trapped in the clutter and allows room for positive energy to come in and stay in.

3. Put your worries on paper

Put your worries on paper
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It seems pointless at first but it works. Take time to sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the things that worry you, everything that is weighing on you at that point. It may seem like a lot when you start but writing it down makes you realize it is not that much.

No one said you have to summarize your thoughts into points so if you feel the need to just keep writing for hours, go ahead.

This works by transferring all the negativity from yourself to an external point. The piece of paper ‘magically’ carries all your worries. When you’re done, get rid of it. Throw it away or burn it.

Final Thought

When we talk about negative energy and vibes, it is often in relation to another person. A friend, a colleague or even a total stranger.

We often forget to think about the possibility that that negative person everyone is talking about could be you. It may be difficult for a person with negative energy to admit it to themselves. When they do, it is important to keep in mind that there are many ways to deal with it.

It doesn’t make you an evil person and there is nothing permanent about negative energy. Some people read books, while others seek professional counselling.

Audio products such as this have also proved to be a time saving, inexpensive way to shift you mind from negativity to positivity.

If you’re willing to change your way of thinking, then you can deal with and soon be filled with positive and radiant joy.

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