How To Interpret Synchronicities


Synchronicity is a somewhat difficult concept for some because it is cannot be explained by science. It is simply the phenomenon of meaningful or symbolic coincidences which occur in a person’s life.

What makes them synchronistic is that they carry a lot of meaning to you and the chances of the two or more incidences occurring when they did are always very small. Synchronicities actually happen in our lives all the time but most of us dismiss them as mere coincidences.

They are in fact the universe’s way of nudging us to pass a message.

It could be a warning message, a yes or no answer to a nagging issue in your life or simply a commendation for a job well done. These events derive meaning based on one or a two specific challenges or situations in the forefront of your mind at a particular time.

Examples of Synchronicities

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You are driving to work one morning and still dealing with the nagging question about whether you should move house to another neighborhood which you like and can now afford. When you stop at the lights you notice a moving van behind you.

An hour later you are chatting with a colleague at work and she mentions her friend who happens to be an agent who sells and rents homes in the area you are thinking of moving to. Later that evening you check your mail and notice a solicitation email from the moving company whose truck was behind you in the morning.

They happen to have a discounted rate for all clients who use their services in the next few weeks. You are having problems with a teenage child and it’s been bothering you because you don’t know how to deal with them.

When you’re at the grocery store, you are standing in line waiting to get to the till and one of the two ladies in the queue in front of you is telling the other about her wayward teenage son’s behavior. She describes exactly what you are dealing with at home and the other woman responds with a solution which will work great for you.

How to Interpret Synchronicities

Like mentioned earlier, synchronicities are meaningful, seemingly coincidental evets in your life which the universe uses to communicate with you. The biggest question then is how to interpret them.

They are like a different language. What good is for anyone to speak to you if you cannot understand the language, right? This is why is it so important to be able to interpret the synchronicities in your life.

Here are some practices you could adopt to help you achieve accurate interpretations of synchronicities in your life.

Listen to your body

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You might be surprised to discover just how much wisdom lies in your body. It can be an enormously useful guide in this instance. When trying to interpret synchronicities, try focusing your mind on the specific question.

If you are wondering whether to quit your job and pursue a different career path, take time to imagine yourself doing it and imagine a day in your life after you have done it. Do you suddenly feel a sinking, sweeping sense of fear or is it an instantaneous feeling of joy and excitement?


Meditation the practice of using specific techniques such as intense focus on an object or thought. The aim is to get to a space of mental clarity and emotional calmness and stability.

Use meditation to interpret synchronicities by allowing feelings, images or words to come into your mind when you are focused on the synchronistic events.

When you are in a place of total focus and calmness, other images, memories or ideas may come into your mind, and it is these which enable you understand exactly what the events mean. Even if you don’t get the feeling of a breakthrough on the first meditation session, don’t worry. Try it a few times.

Recognize patterns

Recognize patterns
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There are many forms of synchronicities. Events are just one of them. Other forms are angel numbers, colors, words, images and names. When the universe wants to get a message through to you, she may use more than one form.

It will take a keen eye to recognize them all and interpret them correctly. More often than not, each form is a confirmation of one message communicated through others forms.

Let’s stay with the previous example. You are wondering if you should make a major career change. You may suddenly start seeing angel number 1 everywhere.  There is a $1 discount on selected items at a store and it happens that everything you picked is on discount today.

When you look up at the clock its 1.11pm. When you open up your email account there are exactly 11 new emails and the most crucial one you were waiting for came in at exactly 1pm.

Angel number 1 signifies new beginnings. If you were to consider the two synchronicities, you find that there is a pattern. They are all pointing to the same answer to your question.

Triple angel numbers are powerful signs you shouldn’t ignore. For instance; No. 111

Listen to your dreams

 Interpret synchronicities
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Your dreams are another very important language used by the universe through your unconscious mind. Very often you dream about something that is weighing on your mind or something that was on your mind just before you went to sleep.

You can create (or incubate) dreams to answer the questions in your life. How? If there have been several synchronicities in your life recently, make a point to think about them before you go to sleep.

Ask yourself the question you want answered over and over again before you go to sleep.

Write down the question. If you can draw a picture which depicts the question about half an hour before you sleep do so and place the notepad on your bedside table.

This process helps to prepare your subconscious mind to answer your question through dreams. As soon as you wake up, write down what you dreamt.

Draw images you recall from your dream or which depict any feelings or emotions you recall from your dreams. Do this every night for a week and then look for patterns in the recordings which can help you interpret the synchronicities in your life.


Synchronicities are an interesting phenomenon because they can neither be confirmed nor denied using conventional methods such as science. That said, they are a reality which happens in just about everyone’s life but only a few of us have the ability to interpret them.

Have you experienced any synchronicities in your life lately? Go ahead and use some of these techniques to interpret them. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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