Life Path Number 3


Life Path Number 3 – The Communicator

If you have a 3 Life Path, you are richly talented with a talent for creativity, as well as self-expression. And as you can guess, most of the people born into this life path become the best poets, musicians, actors, and writers. If you are on this life path, you are super-witty, you savor the limelight, and you also have a gift for gab.

About Life Path Number 3 – Personality

If you are one of the individuals in this life path number, you need to know that the 3 Life Path is a destiny number. 3 Life Path is a destiny number because it results from the numerical reduction of your birth date. This number sheds light on your personality, what makes you, you, and also why you do what you do, how you do it.

At the core, you are strongly driven by your creative mind. In numerology, 3 depicts the number for creation. You are also a romantic, a strong believer of self-expression as a way of life, and though how you express yourself varies with who you are talking with, you use your creativity to convey your feelings to the rest of the world.

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Creative communication is your superpower, and by connecting and being aware of your feelings, you feel at home both with yourself and also with the greater universe.

You also have a finely-tuned sense for introspection, but you are never self-indulgent. You also criticize yourself effectively, and your other winning trait is that you never wallow in your mistakes or missteps.

Being on the 3 Life Path also means that you are on the artistic path. Again you are great at communication in all forms, whether in performing or visual arts, speaking, writing, and also in presentations. Being able to do all these also means that you are very charismatic, and people are naturally drawn to your creations and also you.

Also, on drawing people in, you are generous, optimistic, and you take the best (possible) view of people. You let pretty much everything slide off your back, you don’t hold grudges, and the only time you would hold a grudge is when someone wrongs you. You live in (For) the moment, and this is pretty much your life’s mantra – Live for the Moment.

You’d rather make the most out of the day instead of limiting yourself on the off chance that you can do better tomorrow. A 3 Life Path is one of those people who live each day with a great sense of wonder, joy, a child-like sense in awe of the world – nature, and humans.

Then there’s your Joie De Vivre (Joy of Life), a true component of your higher energy, which is very infectious but at a detriment – you may end up shooting yourself in the foot as you live today to its fullest, only for your tomorrow to be a sucking ball of energy.

You repress your artistic side when emotionally wounded or bored, and you also get moody easily and withdraw from the world. While it takes a lot to really put you down, when it happens, your skulking is in the darkest shade of sulk.

But there’s more to your personality. You enjoy performing, and you take center stage. And in addition, to have having a connection and to be aware of your emotions, you have many emotions – but you communicate them clearly and brilliantly. You also embrace all your brimming creative impulses with a lot of gusto.

Your other impressive quality has to do with how fast and easily you consolidate information, and also how you can rework pieces of information into great ideas.

Life Path 3 – Communicating your feelings

Communicating your feelings
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While you may end up making people feel bad when your words come off as blunt and too direct, it doesn’t mean that you should stop communicating your feelings.

You need to focus on doing the opposite. Like all the other people on life path 3, you will spend years learning how to best express yourself, and even more years trying to figure out how to gauge your emotions.

Using these skills and the knowledge gained, you will come to learn that in as much as you can communicate really well, your biggest obstacle has to do with you, and the intense feelings of self-doubt you struggle with. As a 3 Life Path, the deep feelings of security would stop you and literally stun and spit you into the submission pit.

This might feel comfortable for a little while, but it’ll bite your arse, and you just have to rise up above. You also need to be aware that in as much as all humans experience self-doubt, you will always feel these emotions more than everyone else.

The good news, however, is that there are things you could to get out of self-doubt. For example, you need to stop overanalyzing everything. Avoid getting stuck in your thoughts on every little thing.

One of the biggest reasons for the feelings of self-doubt is getting stuck in the mud wrestle that comes with analysis paralysis, a situation that will drive, and everyone else in your life crazy is to get going.

Despite the numbing feelings, take action, even when feeling paralyzed. Moving through doubt is the best decision you will make, and you will never have to worry about having to repress your artistic/ creative side.

 Life Path 3 – Handling Money

Handling Money
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On Life Path 3, your other challenge involves money – you spend more than you ever save. You are not easy when it comes to shouldering responsibility.

Life Path 3 – The Balancing Act

According to Numerology, you can have a great understanding of your natural artistic and creative traits by learning about your traits and personalities, and also by finding the best ways of using these natural talents. Once you unlock the deeper meaning of being on Life Path 3, you will understand all too well how that life affects your overall outlook on life, and how you can make the best out of your features and traits to live your best, balanced life.

You also have a hard time finding the middle point between your highs and lows, and you experience the extremes in both. If uncontrolled, you’d be a manic depressive, struggling with mood swings, especially when you are not making use of your talents.

 Life Path 3 – Career/ Profession/ Talents

Career/ Profession/ Talents
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If you are on Life Path 3, you are a great natural actor, writer, teacher, and counselor. Essentially, you thrive in any career path or professional that allows you to present all your wild and not-so-wild ideas to audiences right up your alley.

It means that you are not a 9-5 person, you don’t always work well under supervision or within the rigid work structures, especially because your mind works and moves through stuff really fast. Working with someone whose thinking is not as fast as yours is generally very frustrating. So, even though you are a great communicator, you are compassionate but direct, and that might not always augur well with others.

You also tend to be quite domineering, and you make the lives of those around you even harder by stating/ speaking your thoughts with no filter. Of course, you end up in regret over your words or actions, which means that you need to work on ways of communicating even better, and thinking about things before you blurt out the wrong/ insensate/ inconsiderate things.

You are also a great counselor, and you see great potential in others.

A Life Path 3 would also pursue a career in politics, entertainment, or anything else that needs excellence in intellect, a good sense of humor, and great communication skills.

Life Path 3 – Love, Relationships, Romance, and Marriage

Besides being an excellent creative and a communicator, a Life Path 3 loves fiercely, they are romantic, and also very loyal.

If you are on this life path, you will find that you are hanging on to past relationships longer than you should, you don’t let go of things, you mull over them all the damn time, and you try to pick everything apart even when you know that you shouldn’t.

You will blame yourself and others involved, and you also obsess over some of the smallest emotional hooks, and this will only bog you down into a deep pool of emotional defeat and cynicism.

Your biggest challenge, therefore, is to be able to let things go, especially when you find yourself digging deeper holes and turning nothing into something.

Letting things go may be hard, but it is important because if those things really matter, you will deal with it later on when your emotions are not all over the place.

When choosing partners, you go for partners you think you can save or fix; this happens consciously and in other cases, unconsciously.

Love, Relationships, Romance, and Marriage
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  • You’re clever, the clown, witty, and you are a good, entertaining company. You make an excellent hostess by making everyone feel comfortable and nurtured when around you.
  • Can talk yourself out of anything.
  • Tenacious and have a great reserve that you, unfortunately, spend on others.
  • You are a vessel for emotional self-expression
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • You are very smart
  • Knowledgeable


  • You are too good at all you do, and you have a hard time picking what you should focus on. The result of this is a high risk of depression.
  • You find faults with your grand ideas, and that stops you from moving on from the fun side of things. You like immediacy and fun.
  • Confronting the issues around distorted expression, self-doubt, and oversensitivity
  • Acknowledging that you are an emotional sponge
  • Knowing when you are stifled or overwhelmed by emotions
  • Grappling with seeing the negative side of everything and dwelling in the negative expressions of emotions like complaining, whining, criticizing, or badmouthing
  • Understanding how you misrepresent your feelings
  • Learning how to assert yourself and how to express anger
  • Increased risk of depression from what happened to you in the past.

Zodiac – Sagittarius

Astrology – Venus, Jupiter


Your life on life path 3 presents equal opportunities of fun and despair/ struggle, but you can harness the best of your abilities if you work on and with your optimal energies to be self-assured, dynamic, emotionally balanced, joyful, inspiring, and expressive.

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