Life Path Number 6


What is the Life Path Number 6 all about? How do you describe someone on Life Path Number 6?

Life Path 6 – The Nurturer

life path number 6
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If you are new to numerology, Life Path 6 is one of the influencing numbers in your life that defines your strategy, personality, life path, as well as the negative and the positive expectations about your life.

As a Life Path 6, you are often referred to as a nurturer because of your natural propensity towards taking care of others and being a natural caretaker. You are very much in tune with other people’s needs, and you are your happiest when you do things for other people.

If this is you, then there is no way that you would, willingly, let someone suffer, especially when you are comfortable. In such cases, you find that you’d rather give up the little comfort in your life to help someone in need, instead of seeing them suffer.

Being a nurturer, you have very strong maternal instincts. You’d make an excellent teacher, stay-at-home parent, or a childcare professional. Your home and house are very important to you. And you’d do your best, all you can to make these spaces safe and comfortable for everyone who lives in them.

But despite being a kind, generous person, you still suffer misfortunes, and you will face numerous problems in your relationships and life.

The Nurturer
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Like everyone else, you will face personal problems and challenges

Despite these challenges, your personal mission is to develop acceptance and vision and to modulate/ balance out your sense of responsibility. On top of being a nurturer, you are also a visionary, and are oftentimes in the frontline championing for justice.

Regarding love and marriage, you tend to do it all and do everything you can to keep things going, you literally lean in the ‘horse and carriage’ direction, proverbially speaking.  And should you choose not to have kids, you will find yourself parenting your co-workers, friends, as well as pets.

If you find that people are drawn to you naturally, making you feel like a magnet, then you most certainly are a nurturer and a Life Path 6.

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You could also tell that you’re on this life path if people often come to you with problems, asking for help. Most people, place you in that responsible position even when you don’t ask for it or when you don’t think you should be taking on more responsibilities.

If these things happen to you, then embrace them as part of your higher vibration. Get used to it, because it’s who you are.

On the other side of things, your life will be frustrating and full of resentment if you don’t like or appreciate being the responsible one.

Your personality and being born on this life path also make you that person who has to be busy doing something, therefore you would be easily caught up in some pretty petty things.

Life Path 6 – Career

Life Path 6 – Career
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When you embrace who you are – the nurturer, you get to utilize all those innate talents and skills more compassionately.

You are very creative, and you are always looking for ways of making the most creative ways of using things around you. Your career and life’s work involve a consciously, balanced sense of responsibility. You are also very gifted musically, and you can comfortably pursue your artistic side in other creative ways.

You prefer working for yourself, taking responsibility, and being in full control of things.

Yes, you are quite the control freak…

But you are also a visionary.

You see the bigger picture when no one else does, you’re probably physically attractive and also magnetic around people who see the world as you do.

Oh and you’re also a perfectionist ahah.

The other things that stand out from 6s include their impeccable sense of fashion. Think of yourself as a fashion connoisseur – you will make any piece of fashion item look significantly better than it ever did.  Which is why you’d make it big in the fashion/ beauty industry. Along with the perfectionist spirit, 6s are great at interior design, makeup, and hairdressing fields.

The other trait that stands out from people on life path 6 is the fact that they are always a shoulder to cry on, a trait that would be perfected easily if they learned or took up counseling professionally.

But for you to pursue this career path, you have to master yourself fast and learn when you need to leave struggles to other people and also how not to take away from other people’s lessons and experiences. Once you have these things under control, you will be able to ground and support others when they are faced with trials and tribulations

Life Path 6 – Family and Relationships

In addition to being the person who wishes the best for their family, by taking up all the responsibilities just to keep your family safe and well cared for, you also believe strongly in family units. This means, that if you are married happily, you will prefer spending time with your spouse and children rather than friends.

On the other hand, if you are single, then you will find yourself trying to establish some form of family dynamic wherever you go. A woman on Life Path 6 without kids will attract men who often act like boys, and if divorced, you’ll throw every bit of yourself into the lives of your children, and you will create an unhealthy environment for your children because you are unable to see your kids as grownups, even if they are adults.

Men on this life path also have their fair share of issues. You will always attract damsels in distress, and after some time, you will question your decisions, asking yourself why you’re always the responsible one. You might be one of the over-the-top responsible men. As a 6, your life’s theme song is responsibility and that feeling will never leave.

6s also seek domestic tranquility

Family and Relationships
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Unfortunately, you put people on a pedestal, only to feel betrayed and disappointed when you find that the men and women you’ve put on a pedestal are only human. You also feel lofty, self-righteous, and superior to the rest of humanity when you’re overwhelmed, undervalued, or unappreciated. The worst bit is that you are not gutsy enough to communicate these feelings of inadequacy.

You will go on and on, wondering why everyone is not like you, why they don’t share your values, or think the same way as you. And since people behave contrary to your expectations, you’ll feel that everyone else is wrong and you are right. These feelings of entitlement will, unfortunately, prevent you from ascending to the highest vibrations of your nurturing self.

You also have this unmatched ability to make everyone in the room unworthy and guilty. But the most ironic bit about this habit is that, how you make others feel is exactly how you feel deep inside. Basically, no one else can be happy if you’re unhappy.  And if you feel down, you tend to put up high walls that are not just cold, but also punishing.

There’s also the fact that you’d like to be indispensable, but you also hate the indispensable person in the room. You are the kind of person who believes that if someone wants something done the right way, then they have to do that thing on their own.

Your optimal performance is seen when you are a perfectionist and in control of things. You want everyone to be on the same level in terms of perfection.

However, this is not the ideal way for you to live. You need to be able to rely on your wonderful inherent senses of compassion, nurturing, as well as service for your contentment.

Life Path 6 – Compatibility

You are more compatible with and will lead the most positive relationships with 1s, 2s, or 9s

Life Path 6 – Challenges

  • You always want to rescue your partner and end up with partners who are emotionally maladapted or cut off.
  • You have self-sacrificing tendencies which would get in the way of your business/job
  • Using idealistic expectations to understand that you are an actual visionary
  • Getting a grip on your need for perfectionism in everything and everyone
  • Accepting others and yourself joyfully
  • Understanding that the world is flawed
  • Suppressing your judgment
  • Living in emotional denial
  • Taking on too much responsibility
  • Judging yourself too harshly

Zodiac – Gemini

Astrology – Venus


Being on life path 6 means that you are often on fire and if you work with your optimal energies, you will be reasonably capable and responsible for allowing others to journey through their lives beautifully, without criticizing or judging them.

By allowing imperfections, you are being the best version of you. So, be trusting and always look at the bigger picture. Remember that your life path requires you to reconcile your ideas and to accept the world and also yourself. Essentially, you need to embrace the perfection within the imperfections of life.

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