Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration


There is something about her. She is so nice, so happy and so pleasant to be around. These are the thoughts going through your mind as you walk back to your desk after meeting your new colleague. Have come across people like this?

People who make you feel strangely happy, uplifted and at peace even from just a few minutes of interaction. This is what we mean when we describe someone as having a ‘good vibe’.  Are they physical symptoms of higher vibration?

While these thoughts are floating through you mind, you can’t help but feel a tinge of envy. You wish you could be like that. Perhaps you would have more friends, better relationships, more success and perform better at work.

Have you ever wondered how good vibes in people come to be? Can you develop the same for yourself? The answer is yes. You can raise your vibration, but there is a process to it. A process which includes some not-so-pleasant physical symptoms.

Energies and Vibration

Energies and Vibration
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Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is made up of energy. The energy in each of us moves at varying rates. High paced energy produces high vibrational frequencies and lower rates produce lower vibrational frequencies.

High vibration in an individual is associated with positive feelings and qualities like: joy, peace, love, forgiveness and compassion. Low vibration is associated with the opposite. Feelings and qualities like: fear, hatred, anxiety, greed and anger.

Your new colleague who gives off a good vibe has a high vibration.

Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

There are lots of ways to raise your vibration but you may have to endure some negative physical symptoms in the process. Many people who are familiar with this concept assume this shift is a purely spiritual process, but that’s not quite true. It’s both a spiritual and physical journey.

1. Headaches

Pain in the head is a common symptom experienced during shifts in energies associated with the physical head and mind. The intensity could be anywhere between almost-unbearable migraines and light cluster headaches which you can tolerate as you go about your day.

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2. Flu-like symptoms

These include a runny nose, sore throat and drowsiness. These are as a result of the physical reaction to toxins released when energies begin to expand.

If you’re certain that what you’re feeling is part of this spiritual process, let it pass on its own. Natural remedies for flu symptoms such as hot lemon and ginger drinks will help reduce discomfort as you wait for it to pass.

3. Running stomach and nausea

These are typical symptoms experienced when something is out of order in your stomach. In this case, it happens when negative energies stored in the area such as anger, fear and resentment are gradually released.

4. Extreme fatigue

It is normal to feel tired at the end of a busy day. This fatigue should be relieved after some rest or a good night’s sleep. If you are repeatedly waking up extremely tired even after a full night’s sleep, your body is going through something. If you’re suddenly falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, it could be that there is a vibrational shift happening in you.

It is caused by continuous movement of energy throughout the whole spiritual body.

5. Night sweats and hot flashes

 symptoms of higher vibration
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No it is not menopause. These symptoms could be experienced by both men and women. Hot flashes happen in the process of energy shifts when the energy is flowing through the body very fast. The body is still adjusting to the new vibrational rate.

Why Do We Get Physical Symptoms?

It’s strange that a spiritual process would cause physical symptoms, but this is why it happens.

1. Need for compatibility

As mentioned before we’re all made of energy which vibrates at a particular speed. At the time of an upward vibrational shift, the vibration of your body is lower than that of the energy that is coming into it.

The body eventually adjusts and rises to match the vibration of the new energy, but it takes some time for that to happen. It’s in that effort to achieve compatibility that you experience physical symptoms.

2. Blockages

Your entire body must be free of emotional blocks in order for the new energy to flow through it freely. When we store anger, fear, past hurts, resentment and other negative emotions, they form blockages which prevent new energies from flowing through the body.

Physical pain or discomfort is therefore experienced when there is a blockage preventing the flow of energy. Blocked energy remains stuck until it is released. Stagnant energy results in discomfort or pain.

If you have stored up anger and resentment this could cause blockage in the stomach area which is associated with feelings and emotions. In this case, a running stomach and nausea would not be surprising.

Chinese therapies such as acupuncture have been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain caused by energy blockages.

Today, experts have learned to combine the science of medicine and traditional techniques to come up with combined acu-therapies which have been very effective in relieving pain caused by energy stagnation.

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3. Listen to your body

Your body is a great guide. Take time to pay close attention to your body and you will quickly identify where the energy blockages are. The longer energy remains blocked in a particular part of your body, the more intense discomfort and pain becomes. The pain is relieved as soon as the energy is allowed to flow freely.

Look at it like you are an electronic device and the energy is the electricity used to power it. If you plug a 110 volt device into a 220 volt power outlet, the device struggles to cope. If electricity continues to flow through it, it may get damaged or burn out completely.

Relax, you won’t get damaged or burn out completely when higher vibration starts flowing through you, but your body and mind will strain before compatibility is achieved.

Key Identifiers

All the symptoms of a shift from low to a higher vibration are the same as those experiences when one is ill. Nausea and an upset stomach could be caused by food poisoning and headaches could be a sign of infection. A running nose and drowsiness just might be the flu.

How do you tell the difference?  These are some key identifiers to help you tell them apart.

Symptoms come on suddenly

When you’re ill, physical symptoms tend to come on gradually and get worse over time if not treated. If your symptoms can be linked to a spiritual process, they set in almost instantaneously.

They fluctuate

Think back to the last time you had a cold or flu. Once the symptoms set in, they didn’t ease or go away until you were cured. When these symptoms are as a result of spiritual changes, they could set in the morning, be completely gone for a couple of hours only to return later in the day.

Medication doesn’t work

Medication doesn’t work
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When energy blockages cause pain in the stomach for instance, you may think you have a stomach bug and take medication for it. If you’re experiencing stomach discomfort from energy blockages, this may not work well for you. You have to deal with the real cause of the blockage. If it is anger, learn to forgive.

Medical tests and examinations detect nothing

If you have a regular stomach infection, the doctor would ordinarily order a stool sample which is tested and the infection identified. When your stomach pain is caused by spiritual growth, all tests come back negative for illness or infection.

Symptoms of higher vibration – How to Deal With them

As mentioned, it is hard to remove these symptoms with medication. You’ll have to wait it out, as they do clear eventually. Hvaing said this, there are some ways to manage pain and discomfort and speed up the process before you can enjoy total relief. Here are a few:

1. Exercise

Go to the gym, take a run around the block. Alternatively take a long walk and practice deep breathing as you walk. Picture positive higher vibration energy flowing into your body as you breathe in and imagine negative energy flowing out of you as you breathe out.

Focus on any area with pain or discomfort as you breathe.

2. Meditate

symptoms of higher vibration
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There are many benefits to be enjoyed from meditation. In this situation, it is especially helpful in reducing anxiety which is a common cause of blockages. It also helps to increase self-awareness. Quite often you have discomfort in some part of your body but can’t put a finger on exactly where it is. Meditation helps you relax enough to feel exactly where the problem is.

3. Watch what you eat

All foods have a vibration of their own and this impacts on your overall vibration. Junk food has a lower vibration while raw natural foods have higher vibrations. Try to eat lots of higher vibration foods.

Final Word

Shifts from low to higher vibrational energies feel a lot like illness. As much as we do advise that you manage these symptoms naturally and allow them to pass in their own time, you should never choose between physical and spiritual health.

Allowing symptoms to pass should only be done when you have ruled out the possibility that you are sick.  Your physical health is just as important as your spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

If symptoms persist and seem to be getting worse you should definitely make your way to a physician’s office.

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