Seeing Birthday Numbers Everywhere?


You were born on the 21st day of August. Lately you have been seeing the numbers 821 everywhere. For the last few days, you have happened to glance at the clock at 8.21 am and 8.21pm every day. Last week you stayed at a hotel.

The room you got was on the eighth floor and you noticed you were the 21st guest on the register.

That crucial document just came in. You glanced at the bottom of the screen and noticed the word count on it. It had exactly 821 words. Is it really a coincidence?

No its not. Seeing your birthday numbers is actually a common way used by the angels, the universe, whichever higher power you believe in to communicate with you.

The interesting thing about seeing your birthday numbers as angel numbers in your life is that they have a way of making you feel extra special. Unlike other angel numbers which are interpreted to mean specific things depending on the specific number or number combinations, you are sure this one is directed at only you.

What are the chances that another person who was born on the same day is at the exact same place at the exact same time you are when you see these numbers? It is you the angels are talking to.

What Does It Mean When You See Your Birthday Numbers?

Seeing you birthday numbers everywhere carries a number of messages from the angels, all with a common theme: You are a unique and valuable individual. Your birthday is the one day in history when you were placed on the earth. You were placed here for a reason, with a unique purpose only you can accomplish.

The message behind seeing your birthday numbers everywhere revolves around a recognition of your individuality. When you keep seeing your birthday numbers, it could be a message from the angels saying these things.

Recognize your individuality

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So many of us today suffer intense stress because our lives are not like those of others around us.

The fact that you can’t afford to live in the kind of neighborhood you friend lives in, that you can’t have the car you would really want to drive and so on. Even social aspects such as relationships. The fact that you are single at a so-called advanced age could be a source of stress because all your peers are married with children.

If your current life challenge is related to something someone else in your life has and you wish you had it too, seeing your birthday numbers is the angels reminding you that you are like no other individual on the earth.

You have a unique life path. There is an individual road map set out for you. It is the only path which can get you to your individual success and purpose.

It is simply not wise to worry because your life is turning out different from other people.

This message would also be sent to you when you are about to get into something which is contradictory to your true self. Perhaps you are and have always been a person of high ethics and integrity. Right now you are about to get into a project which you know involves a fair amount of cheating, dishonest claims and even outright theft.

You are conflicted because it promises huge financial gain and you need the money. Seeing your birthday numbers is the angels calling you to look deeper at who you really are. Are you the kind of person who does this?

Angel No. 28 is the sign that your dream of financial freedom is about to come true.

Re-connect with your unique purpose

Many people live their lives doing what they have to do to get by. Take Sean for instance. He loves children and has no doubt his life’s purpose has something to do with caring for children.

As a young adult, he leads the Sunday school program at church and volunteers at the children’s ward at a local hospital. It make him feel alive.

He talked about a desire to pursue a career which would allow him to work with children. A few months later he receives a coveted invitation to attend a prestigious university and proceeds to secure a high flying corporate job.

Despite huge financial achievement and a promising career, the desire to work with children still nags at him years later. When he starts seeing his birthday numbers, it is probably a sign from the angels calling him to re-connect with his unique purpose and mission.

Focus on the positive

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There is always some aspect of your life which is not going as you wish it would. Perhaps your relationship is not great. Maybe your business is not doing as well as you would like or you have a health challenge to deal with.

Even then, there is always something positive. Something that is going right and something that shows great promise. It is easy to get caught up wallowing in the negatives and fail to see the positives.

If your current challenges have you in a place of negativity, seeing your birthday numbers is a reminder to focus on the positives. Celebrate yourself and all that is right.

By showing you your birthday numbers, the angels are saying you are covered. You are protected and catered for despite the current challenges. Dream big and work towards the successes you have desired without getting caught up in what is not perfect in your life.


Seeing your birthday numbers is a most exciting experience. It is not only an assurance that the angels are still watching over you, but also makes you feel loved enough for them to send you a unique, individualized message.

Birthday numbers seen as angel numbers are a reminder to us to appreciate that we are all unique individuals. We all have a unique light. When that light dims or dies out, our individuality dies with it.

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