Signs of Love Synchronicity


Coincidences happen all the time. You bump into an old friend when they had crossed your mind that morning. You accidentally dial the number of an acquaintance, have a conversation and they happen to have the solution to a problem you have been struggling with for the last few days.

 Love Synchronicity Signs
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Yes, coincidences are part of our lives. Are they as a result of random chance or do they carry hidden meanings which we are expected to interpreter? The answer depends on whether or not you believe in the concept of synchronicities.

Synchronicity is a somewhat difficult concept to define. Simply put, it is the idea that two or more events which occur in a seemingly synchronized manner but are casually unrelated, carry some meaning. In order for events to be synchronistic, the events must be related in some way and the chance of them happening as they do are very small.

Carl Jung

Synchronicity was first introduced by Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung.  He is renowned in the field as the founder of analytical psychology.

The concept of synchronicity first came to him during a period of mental instability after which he was convinced that all events in the universe are intimately connected. One of his most famous quotes is ‘Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.’

6 Love Synchronicity Signs

Synchronicities make sense to us because of what we interpret from them. They are messages from the universe. Many people claim to have found the love of their life following a series of synchronicities.

If you are waiting to find ‘the one’ here are some synchronistic signs you may notice just before this great love comes into your life.

1. You keep having romantic dreams

signs of Love Synchronicity
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Dreams are a common channel which the universe chooses to pass messages to us. Sleep is one time when the critical and conscious mind can be surpassed and the subconscious easily accessed.

When a new love is about to come into your life, you may find that you have romantic dreams quite often. There may not be much detail. Perhaps you only remember that you were out on a romantic dinner date with someone but cannot recollect what they looked like or what they were wearing.

These kinds of dreams can be extremely vague or amazingly vivid. Some people claim they dreamed that they were out on a cruise with their soul mate although they cannot remember even seeing the person in the dream.

All they remember from the dream is how they felt. Intense love and happiness about being there. Feeling the exact sensation they’d expect to experience when they eventually meet their soul mate.

2. Angel numbers for love

Angel numbers are repeated number sequences which you keep seeing over a day or over a short period of time. Different numbers carry different meanings and your personal interpretation is usually based on a specific issue which is currently predominant in your life.

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If you have been praying for the universe to bring your soul mate into your life, seeing certain angel numbers may be a sign that is about to happen.

If you’ve been waiting for love and you suddenly start seeing the numbers 188 everywhere, you wouldn’t be wrong to interpret it as a sign that a new love is about to come into your life.

Angel number 1 is the number associated with new beginnings and experiences. Angel number 8, is associated with infinity and limitlessness. When two numbers appear repeatedly such as 8 in 188, it is assumed to be a way to emphasize the message carried by that number.

Angel numbers for love
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When you see angel number 188 when you have been praying for love, it is sign that a new love, is on its way into your life. It also means that this love will last.

3. You see their name everywhere

Name coincidences can be creepy but they do happen. For example, you’re unsure about whether you should get into a committed relationship with a girl named Cheryl. Then suddenly, you’re noticing her name everywhere. You switch on the television and the main character in the movie that is on is called Cheryl.

When you and your friends go out to a party that evening, the host’s name happens to be Cheryl. The following morning you bump into the new lady in your apartment block and she introduces herself… she just happens to have the same name. Is this all a coincidence or is the universe saying something?

4. Love is everywhere

Another love synchronicity is when love seems to be following you around. If a new love is about to come into your life, you may find that love is everywhere you go.

For example, you keep seeing couples, young and old, holding hands as you walk down the street. Your friend who you haven’t talked to in ages calls you to tell you that another friend is getting married. When you go to the movies with a friend you find yourselves sitting in between two couples.

5. Chance Meetings

 Chance meetings
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Chance meetings can be considered ordinary coincidences, but when they seem to carry some meaning in how our love life turns out, they are no longer just ordinary coincidences.

Here’s a scenario:

Janice, a strong believer in synchronicity tells of how she had recently felt relieved and ready for a new relationship after many months of healing from a painful break up.

She meets Trevor through a friend and when he asks her for her cellphone number she politely declines. A few days later she bumps into him at the gas station and later that week she gets a referral from a friend to try a new dentist in town, only to discover that Trevor is a dentist.

6. Random repetitions

When you keep hearing or seeing the same thing over and over again at totally unrelated places, open your mind for a message from the universe.

For example, you’ve been waiting for that special someone to come into your life.  Now you notice that your favorite love song, which you have always known will play at your wedding is playing everywhere you go.

It’s playing on the radio when you are driving to work. Later you walk into a restaurant and that is what is playing there too.  A day later you are on a queue at the store and the old lady ahead of you is humming the very same song.  Is the universe preparing you to receive your future partner into your life?

Why the Universe Sends Signs

There are 2 main reasons why the universe chooses to use these kinds of signs to communicate with us.

To deal with skepticism

The truth is that the whole idea of the universe communicating with us can be seen as quite bizarre.  Many people who are strong believers in the concept will admit that they started out very skeptical. Perhaps they laughed at other people who believed in it and dismissed it as weirdo- speak.

It is only after they experienced these synchronies repeatedly that they began to see truth in the whole idea. The universe sends us signs to shift our conscious, skeptical thinking first before giving us more information. The universe wants you to first believe in her before she can have a conversation with you.

To prepare you

Another reason the universe sends you signs is to prepare you to receive what you’ve been asking for. If for instance, you have been asking for a car, you might find that you start seeing the very same car a lot more often.

Women who have been praying for children say they started noticing more children’s products at stores or seeing more adverts for children’s products just before they got pregnant.

Why You Should Never Ignore Love Synchronicity Signs

Love Synchronicity Signs
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It is tempting to ignore occurrences even when your gut feeling tells you there is something to them. After all there is no way to prove that it means anything at all.

Even then, listen to your sixth sense. If it tells you there is something to it, don’t ignore it. These are some reasons why experts say you should never ignore love synchronicities.

Synchronicities are precious moments when your higher self, establishes a temporary connection with the universe. They are rare moments when you get a glimpse of your divine nature.

It is a window of opportunity. Synchronistic signs come to prepare you for a major change in your life. They are like the universe whispering a warning in your ear.

Use the time you have to do whatever you need to do to prepare yourself for the change. It could be physical changes or time to prepare yourself psychologically and emotionally for the change.

The universe may go quiet on you. Some people believe that if the universe sends you several synchronistic signs and you ignore them, she stops sending them. You don’t want the universe to stop communicating with you. Make a point to acknowledge these signs and act on them where necessary.


Synchronicities are a fascinating way to receive help and guidance from the universe. When it comes to love in your life, look out for synchronicities to get a glimpse of your love life in the coming days. If there are more signs than you can trust your memory to record, start journaling about the signs you receive. This way you can easily compare them and interpret them with certainty.

Love synchronicities are not just for single people looking for love. These signs can be used to signal better days for people in strained relationships as well.

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